Ink box - it's just not for me

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  1. I got one the other day at BNY and tried to make it work. It's just not me. Fingers crossed the marine will work for me. Not sure if i can post this here, and if not, I'll remove - but should I sell it on ebay or just return it?
  2. Sorry to hear that... I think you should try to get a refund as maybe on ebay you will loose money.
  3. that's what I was afraid of, after listing fees, etc. I will just return.
  4. ^^ the nyc store doesn't give refunds :girlsigh:
  5. I would just return it, you'll end up with a a credit but you can use it for the new colors when they're all out. Hows the leather on it?
  6. actually I got it at Barney's guys, so I can return with no problem. thanks though! i can't figure out how to edit my original post though??
  7. definitely return it..
  8. Is it the color or the style? Somehow I couldn't get either to work for me either.
  9. Glimmer - i think it was a combination of both. The color wasn't blue enough, and the style was 'eh. I think I bought it because I knew it was being d/c...
  10. messengerbaglover - :sad: sorry to hear that the INK box wasnt working out for ya! Totally return it and wait for your marine! :wlae:
  11. :sad: Sorry to hear it didn't work for you, but great news about being able to return it, because it would suck to pay all the ebay and paypal fees. I find I love my Magenta Box and I think a brighter color works best with the Box style. You also might consider adding some color to your darker bags by adding charms to it. I love how all my bags look with the splash of color my braids and charms add. But I especially love how they make my dark Indigo bag look. The braid/charm really brought it to life! Let us know what bag you end up getting!