ink box & black box on ebay for $1249.99 BIN

  1. Me too, aaalla. I think the box is my favorite.
  2. AAAAHHHHHHHH! I'm dying over here!

    Quick....somebody gimme a thousand dollars:sneaky:...I'm good for it! I swear!!:ninja:
  3. i love the ink box! too expensive for me :crybaby:
  4. mm ink box!!!
  5. I just did the 'buy it now' for the ink box:nuts: Just half an hour ago, I had ordered an ink first then saw the box on ebay on this forum....Cancelled the first from Barneys and got the box!!!!!!!! It is a little expensive but it I just couldn't settle for the first for a couple hundred dollars more..... I am so excited:yahoo:
  6. congrats, sskona! the ink box does look fab! can't wait to see your pics when you get her!
  7. i promise to post them as soon as i get it!!
  8. woooooooooooo-whoooooooooo, i'm so excited for you Shari, congrats :yahoo:
  9. Congrats, sskona!!! The leather on that bag looks gorgeous!
  10. congrats, its a beauty!
  11. yippy! another ink convert!!!
  12. I love the black one! It was sold out over here and i couldn't get anymore! Anyway, instead of getting this box i settled for the chloe black bag. so now i would like the INK!! SSKONA you lucky girl!! congrats!!