Ink box at NM in White Plains

  1. The leather looked pretty good. A little veiny but not as bad as some I've seen
  2. Wow, Ink Box is popping up everywhere! I just bought mine from Barney's Chicago, which was someone's return. This one is on the veiny side, too, which I don't mind at all. Thanks for posting Z&J!
  3. aaaahhh, White Plains! I used to live on Central Avenue...good memories, good shopping! It was the Galleria then though....
  4. Tell me, how does a girl from Australia get her hands on one of these Ink Boxes???
  5. ^^
    kitegirl, I think they will ship for you. Someone from NZ got a hands on Ink Twiggy from Barneys, I belive. So I would imagine NM would do the same, no? Good luck! Call and find out!