INK BOX added to my budding box collection...she's a beauty...*pics*

  1. Following my recent post on my budding box collection, I have since received a beautiful INK box. She is a real beauty, and compliments the other box's perfectly, particularly the grenat.

    Have a look, and tell me what you think!!



    See what I mean with the grenat....


    And a family box shot....


    And a family box colour shot....

  2. beautiful, your collection is amazing!!
  3. Congrats!! I would love to see ink IRL, in pictures it always looks so gorgeous. You have an amazing collection.
  4. That's a great collection. Your new ink box looks divine!
  5. Thanks vbskull and RoseMary. :flowers::love: I don't normally go for blue colours, but INK is TDF, and the leather on this bag is so sooooooooooft. :tup:
  6. Your Ink looks ideal! The perfect blend of blue and purple. I'm obsessed with that colour right now... and I love it in the Box. Your collection is beautiful - they're so cute, smooshed in together for their picture!

    And I just wanted to say that your avatar is adorable.
  7. I can't believe it - no person should have that many beautiful bags, I think that I should take the Caramel and the Grenat off your hands!!!!

    Absolutely gorgeous, how will you choose which one to carry?
  8. Very awesome, the Ink looks beautiful and a great addition to a lovely collection! Congratulations!

    I wish you well,

  9. :yahoo:Congrats f&g!!!!:yahoo: Love your pictures of all your boxes together!!!! Such beautiful bags!!!!:love::love::love:
  10. Lovely Box Family !!!
    Your new Ink is TDF...but I'm biased since Ink is my fav Bal color ;) !!
    Congrats and Enjoy !!!
  11. The Ink is so beautiful. Congrats on your expanding family :drool:
  12. I love the box style congrats!!!!!
  13. Thanks Cheshire. Ink has really surprised me, its gorgeous. :drool: And yes Fred & Ginger were chillin in their little house which is inside their hutch. They are both so cute!! :supacool:

    Ali-bagpuss...I'm working on having one for every day of the week!!

    Thank you ladies for your lovely comments. :flowers::love:
  14. I've been waiting for this post for awhile bc i knew a box in ink would be outta this world and it really is! This is the most gorgeous box I've seen!
  15. I love ink! And your collection is just stunning!

    Congrats and enjoy them all!