ink, blue india or blueberry first....?

  1. i want a blue first.... which color do you girls find more fascinating and beautiful?
    also, can anyone tell me how to post a poll? i am very technologically challenge. cannot figure out how to post a poll to save my life. :sad:
  2. welp, i :heart: the ink & blueberry firsts, but the ink firsts i've seen are all too veiny (even for a vein-loving girl like me :P)...i'm not crazy about blue india, so i'd have to say go for blueberry!!!...although they're really thick & matte, i don't mind it in the small style :girlsigh:
  3. I agree with 'Bama on the Blueberry for a First. The color is so vibrant and pretty, perfect for a First.

    However, I do like the Blue India from what I've seen (I'd be happy with any of the variations)........but somehow I'm not feeling it for a First. I think I like the crazier colors for that style.
  4. I love my ink first, ink is such an interesting color IMO. My ink first is veiny but I don't mind it.
  5. After seeing all the pics of Blue India, I am leaning towards Blueberry. The Blue India may look beautiful IRL, though. Maybe you should wait until it comes out before you make a decision.:yes:
  6. i know pupsterpurse... i should wait.....
    darn.... its almost the end of august already and still no news .....
    very frustrating :hysteric:
  7. hi! Where can I see pics for blue india color?

  8. :love: Blueberry FIRST!!! :nuts: i love this colour!
  9. We've only seen the Blue India in photographs, but so far that's my favorite blue. I think it'd be gorgeous in a First! I'm not wild about blueberry, and ink is pretty though I think the small shape would be most beautiful in a vibrant, lighter color like Blue India. (a great accent piece with whatever you're wearing)
  10. i LOVE the Blue India on balenciaga's website!! such beautiful blue.. i can't even describe it! but my SA told me that the sample color that they got is slightly darker. they haven't seen one in real life yet... hopefully it will be exactly like the one on the website!! =)
  11. I haven't seen blue india in person yet, but I have seen both blueberry and ink and I'm going to vote for the blueberry!
  12. Blueberry is a gorgeous colour, but it's just not for me...
    I think I'd prefer Blue India:graucho: ...but need to see it first:yes:
  13. blueberry!! even though i exchanged it for a different color b/c i wanted a color that would match with all my outfits, i loved it. it was beautiful. and when you take a pic of it, the color comes out even more. the blueberry is definitely great. if i had the money to purchase a diff color, i probably wouldve kept it.
  14. I love blueberry too!!! Have you decided yet on the color??
  15. not yet.... i really want to see how blue india is first....
    all the photos that i have seen seem to be so different.... some show the nice blue color that i want... some show too grey of a color ....
    i have waited too long to see it, there is no sense to give up now.
    hopefully in a couple of more weeks?