Ink blue alexa or daria satchel?

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Ink blue alexa or daria satchel?

  1. Alexa

  2. Daria Satchel

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Whoops! I ended up buying an ink blue regular alexa from today and I've got 7 days to return it if I don't want it. I really like the size, colour, etc, but it is a lot to spend on a small bag. I saw the new ink blue on the darias and it's a really pretty blue - a lot brighter than the alexa, but apparently the ink blue daria satchel won't be in store until March even though they're available online. I've tried on daria satchels before and i really liked them too, plus they are cheaper :P Do you think the colour is as versatile as the ink alexa? Also does anyone find that the coaster gets easily scratched?

    Which one do you prefer or think I should go for? I like how both are similar sizes and can be crossbody and shoulder carried.

    P.S. the oak leopard regular Alexa is divine! but I've already got one leopard bag plus I think the ink is more versatile...
  2. I own an Alexa Large Oak and a Daria Satchel in Burnt orange and I love them both. If I were to choose though I pick Daria Satchel for her sheer functinality. I love mine!
  3. Daria Satchel gets my vote
  4. The Alexa - mainly on the grounds that I am not keen on Spongy Leather and the Daria is made from that.
  5. Daria Satchel and that's a definite on my list too!

    Spongy leather is very resilient and the blue of the new Darias is really lovely. Also, the price difference for those two bags, which pack more or less the same, makes the Daria a winner for me.
  6. Hard call! Could you order the daria satchel today and hopefully it will arrive before you have to send the other back, then you can compare the 2?
  7. i vote alexa!
  8. This was a tough one since both bags are so lovely. Just seen the daria hobo irl, and the colour is lovely. However, I voted Alexa since I love this style (I'm adding the oak leopard clutch to my wishlist now too after drooling over it during lunch break...). I just tried on the ink blue alexa, and it's sooo cute.. Wish I had a bag full of money... (haven't tried on blue daria satchel though).
  9. I voted daria, the spongy leather is fab and the daria range are just gorgeous. I saw the ink alexa in HOF at the weekend and I have to say I wasn't didn't have the wow factor, for me at least!
  10. I vote the ink blue Daria satchel - in fact I'm just about to order one. Love spongy leather and the Daria range. Good luck choosing!
  11. I absolutely love the Daria satchel, but I voted for Ink Alexa. My reason was the deeper shade, I am a sucker for the ink buffalo! I just think of it as a classic colour which would go effortlessly with my wardrobe over time. The Daria is beautiful too but for me always felt more of a now bag! My mum would happily wear Alexa in ink blue now but not Daria, and I would like to think I would keep her for many years to come!
  12. That's a very difficult choice:biggrin: Both are gorgeous.

    Sorry I'm no help:nuts:
  13. I voted Alexa - I just bought this exact bag at the weekend at Westfield. I love it, it ges great with jeans & loks fab for the office too. It's so versatile and a great size - slightly bigger than the East West Bayswater and can be worn in the hand, on the shoulder or cross body. I just love it, but after only one use the magnetic buttons at the sides of the postmans lock are both scratched! Aside form that no bad points at all, I think its a classic enough style to last all year and the colour is good for all seasons.
  14. thanks for all your opinions ladies! i've been thinking about it all day and i'm going to return the ink alexa tomorrow or on friday, so if anyone is looking for one there'll be a new one at Harvery Nichols London. i do like it, but i don't love it...maybe at sale price, but then i might hold out for oak leopard haha :P i'm going to wait for the daria satchel! can't wait to see yours sj!

    vain jane, thanks for the link!