Ink bags available today!

  1. There is another thread about Ink bags but thought I would post this again as it seems quite a few of you are looking for Ink bags!

    I just ordered an Ink First from Barneys Beverly Hills! They have one more if anybody wants it - 1-310-276-4400.

    I have also discovered the following Ink bags today:
    Barneys Copley Square Boston - Ink Box
    Barneys Las Vegas - Ink Day, Work, Part Time
    Barneys Beverly Hills - Above mentioned First, plus I believe they have a couple of other bags.
    Nobody I talked to had any Ink City in stock.

    I am so excited! My Ink First will be my first bbag!!!! Overnight shipping will get it here tomorrow!!!:yahoo:
  2. congratulations!
  3. woohoo! Congrats!
    My Ink Coin Purse should be here any minute, just waiting for the Mailman :p
  4. I have never seen an ink b-bag in person!! It certainly does look awesome in pics. Congrats on your find!
  5. The only thing that concerns me about these bags is that ink was released before the Part Time style was made, so it's impossible that Barneys would have an ink Part Time... I hope this is not a case of an SA confusing blueberry (or marine?) with ink!
  6. uhhh ohhhh... calling right now!
  7. Mine (from Barneys Beverly Hills) is an Ink for sure, he said when he rang it up it came up in the computer as an Ink First... plus he said he knew what color Blueberry was and this is not Blueberry. Maybe the LV SA is off on his color?
  8. That's great that you were able to confirm your bag was ink. I bet the LV SA is confused on either the color or style!
  9. So in other words, barneys Las Vegas probably is mistaken about their ink part time?
  10. It is actually Neiman Marcus in LV, not Barneys - be sure to double check on the color w/them.
  11. Thanks for that. I am trying to coordinate time zones, kids sleeping AND...I'm trying to send the hubby off grocery shopping (while I make the call) so he doesn't know how much this is costing me!!!
  12. One of the SAs there is definitely confused about what Ink is as I physically witnessed it, I thought I'd mention it as I mentionned it in the other post too, I wouldn't want anyone getting the wrong colour for I'd be totally 'bummed' if it happpened to me!
  13. congratulations! i'm so happy for you :yahoo:
  14. Congrats!:yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: What a great colour to start off your collection!
  15. AWSOME!!! I love hearing that the love of ink is still happening!!! Congrats!!:yahoo: :nuts: :yahoo: