Ink bags and sale bags at Barneys Boston

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  1. I was just at Barneys Boston (MA) and they have some Balenciaga on sale. Call 617-385-3330 and ask for Paula if you're interested in any of these.

    Ink shrug (nice soft leather) $599 (I was very tempted by this but just got a blueberry day)
    Ink arena hook $779 (orig. $1295) fairly small bag, with a lot of hardware, kind of cute
    Pale rose day $599 (color might be a little faded or off, but not too bad)
    Pale rose courier $659

    Monk leather bags with the metal tags on the outside (extremly soft, beautiful leather):
    large tote in dark brown or light brown: $839 (orig. $1395)
    medium dark brown or light brown: $749 (orig. 1250)
    small in light brown: $659 (orig. $1095)

    They also have the following ink bags in stock (not on sale):
    1 courier (not sure if regular or super-size)
    2 boxes (I have one of these on hold while I think about it. I thought it would be too small for me, but I was surprised that I really like it).
  2. I bought my Ink Shrug from Barneys Ny on Monday. It should be here today. Cant wait!
  3. I ordered an ink box and first on Monday. I am hoping it comes today because I have to decide which one (if either) I want to keep. What do you think the leather was like on the ink box? Was it nice? I am a little worried because I was at Barney's Chicago Sunday and all the bags looked like they were the leftovers in terms of the leather.
  4. OMG! City~ thanks for this! I have to get the ink box for l-b!!! I hope they have one left for her! Was Peter there?
  5. I thought the leather looked nice on the ink box.

    You know what, I spaced out, I meant Barneys Boston, not Chestnut Hill (where Peter is). I don't know what I was thinking...maybe too excited by the prospect of Bbags on sale (and I usually go to CH not Boston). Is it possible for this to be edited?
  6. I know! LOL I called and asked for Peter b/c I work with him at Chestnut Hill! Anyway, I just bought the box for l-b! We'll it's on hold just trying to pay for it! Paula is a doll!!!!!!!!!
  7. The shrug doesn't close all the way at the top. Is that correct? It has a flap in the middle?
  8. Sorry about that confusion Zacorey. I'm glad it worked out for you to get the ink box -- very thoughtful of you to do that for a fellow PF member.

    Peter (at CH) is such a sweetheart. Unfortunatley I have never bought a bag from him because they've never had what I wanted in stock at the right time.
    I just met Paula at Boston today and thought she was very nice as well.
  9. city~ she knew I called b/c of you!!!!!!! LOL I really like Peter and I have not bought from him either b/c I never found a bag I wanted there. Maybe Chestnut Hill is having a sale too?
  10. Yes, that's right, there is a flap over the top and down the middle, but it doesn't close all the way at the top. See LP's reference:

    atelier.naff: Balenciaga motorcycle style reference
  11. I called and put the shrug on hold. Paula said, "Wow, Chris really got the word out!" LOL.
  12. ^^^lol!!!!!!!!!
  13. Do you think it would be easy for things to fall out of a shrug?
  14. Well, I just bought the ink box for l_b and it's being shipped to me. It's so confusing but l_b is getting the bag from NY store. If anyone wants it before I return it let me know.
  15. I've never had a problem, the leather sides kinda fold one on top of the other and then the leather flap holds them down. You can see what I mean in this picture: [​IMG]