1. How do you get your initials embossed on your Hermes bag? Do you have to do it through special order? IF I ever get a croc Kelly, I would love to have my initials on it so it's more personal
  2. don't do it. if you ever have to sell it for whatever reason, your initials will depreciate the value of the bag significantly. isn't having a croc birkin personal enough???
  3. I'm just anal-retentive ... I like to label things:P I hadn't embossed any of my Hermes purses yet, I'm kind of saving it for THE bag, so to speak.
  4. I don't know if this is possible, but perhaps have your clochette initialed? That's easily changeable if you ever decide to sell your bag and wouldn't devaluate it much (this is something LV owners had suggested re: stamping speedies, with luggage tags)
  5. I didn't even know you can have Hermes do initials on bags.
  6. If you end up with a croc bag...I say do as you wish! I don't mean that in a nasty way, but I never buy anything with the thought of selling it.

    I understand the whole idea of the "need to resell one day", but if you love to personalize and it is your ultimate do only live once!
  7. I'm going to play devil's advocate now. Kou, what if you get married (after you have him sign the prenup, of course) and you need to change those initials?
  8. If ever you decide to put your initials, how about on the inside part of the bag straps like where the year and craftsman ID is? You can put your initials on the other strap ... then it's still discreet.
  9. This is funny...don't fret over it...just wait till you get the croc bag and decide. You may want the initials inside...tucked away and hidden for your eyes...or on the clochette...or just your first intial can't decide that now. Maybe you will be married...who knows?
  10. I was definitely thinking of having the initial embossed on the other side of the strap ... :flowers: It's discreet and personal. As for what to do if I get married, I think it's okay if my initial still shows my original name:yes:

    For now, I don't think I'll be embossing anything. Still waiting for that very very very special Kelly:biggrin:
  11. The suggestions for clochette or strap sounds brilliant! The croc bag is already so special... it would be a shame to mark it. :flowers:

    Placement of the monogram/initials upon the bag would be tricky if they have to space between scales, etc.

    The initials serve more utilitarian purpose, like on luggage, agendas, or any smooth leather piece, harkening back to the days when personalized messengers and portfolios were common.

    As for that special Kelly, I would myself ask for personalization (initials with the periods) on a Kelly black box. It would strictly be used for traveling to work and appointments (utilitarian vs. decoration).
  12. I saw a black box Kelly on ebay that had the former owner's initials on it. It was right on the flap and totally interfered with the gorgeous look of the bag. The Clochette or strap would be perfect.
  13. i just do not like initials on anything. maybe when i get older and forget what my name is i will start thinking about it who knows :rolleyes:
  14. Lol!:d
  15. You'll never be old, sweetie. Vintage and in superb condition, perhaps. Just like a Hermes bag :flowers: