initials engraved inside H bag


Nov 5, 2009
hello lovely TPFers! :biggrin:

i read about a TPFer who engraved her initials in silver on her kelly strap...

wondering if anyone here has had their H bag engraved inside with their initials...

is it possible? how long does it take? can all H craftsmen do it?

hoping for your advice.

any info is much appreciated!:smile:


Jan 17, 2009
Only one I have had the clochette on my bouganvillier done I think it's a good place because it is removable and if you want to keep it simple you turn it around and if ever you want to sell or change your bag you can have another clochette made hope it helps .birkel.,

p.s I left it in Paris in the morning and picked it up the next day again hope it helps darling birkel.
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yes i've had mine initialed on a couple of bags, there are a couple of places you can do it - clochette (easiest, and if you sell the bag, buyer just needs a new clochette), inside strap where it belts over the turnkey... the craftsmen should be able to tell you where it is possible to engrave. it probably takes a day or two to get it done.
May 27, 2007
I had mine stamped just under the turnkey of my Kelly. No silver or gold, just the heatstamp, so it's not very obvious when the flap is open. The SA did have to confer a bit with the craftsman to make sure the location was okay, so I'm guessing it is not a typical spot for initials. I had mine done at FSH, and it took a few hours.
Jun 5, 2007
Can be done while you wait if there is a craftsmen on sight and he/she is not busy. Thats how I got my Evelyne done. And it was fascinating to watch the care he took to do it too. And at one point he asked me and my friends (mooks and allaboutnice) to move away so he could concentrate. I believe it took about 40 minutes to do. I remember thinking that if they take this much time and care over a couple of initials, just imagine the time & care taken to make the bag itself. I would really recommend being there while its done if at all possible.
So in answer to your question yes its possible to have it done anywhere on your bag within reason and yes any craftsmen can do it. And like with mine if there is a craftsmen on sight it can be done while you wait. Hope that helps.


Nov 5, 2009
thank you so much for your replies, birkel, jadeite, ouijaboard, littleblackbag... and hermesFSH, i have just checked the link you posted, and boy is that helpful, too! i should have searched under monograms or even initials... was searching under "engraving, engrave, engraved"... thank you all! have a wonderful day ahead! :smile:


Oct 21, 2009
While in Florence, I had my Jypsiere initialed on the inside strap where it belts over the turnkey with just the heatstamp. It took about 20 - 30 minutes.


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Aug 29, 2006
I had my initial engraved in gold inside the strap, I had it done during the spa, the bag was sent to Milan and came back after 3 weeks.