Initial necklaces: Still OK or passee?

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  1. Hey all, along with my clothes and shoes I am going through a big purge of my jewelry boxes.

    I have a very understated white gold necklace with my initial in diamonds. The initial is about 1/4" tall so it's pretty teeny.

    I got it about 7 years ago and I haven't worn it much b/c my taste is changing toward larger pendants and stones. :graucho:

    So are these initial necklaces still OK or now out of date? TIA!
  2. I think your initial in a "quiet" way would always be fine. Princess Diana used to wear an initial "D" necklace, and IMO, she was the gold standard of classiness.
  3. I really adore little initial pendants...or charms...they are elegant by itself or with layering...
  4. I say if you love it...wear it!
  5. Your pendant sounds very elegant. I think an initial done in an understated way will always be in style. Oh, and especially since it's done in diamonds!!!
  6. coool, thanks, ladies! I'll keep my diamond "D". Oh I like that layering idea too...hadn't thought of that!

  7. sounds very pretty, if u love it wear it and enjoy it
  8. I think there are some that look good and others done, diamond initials (not really blingy ones just small pave types) are acceptable the font always makes a difference if it a nice modern font its better IMO. some letter IMO work better than others simple shapes like O, I, L, D, C, J and i think thats it really just my 2 cents
  9. Well, I'm a little biased since I actually MAKE an initial necklace...LOL

    I like simple and subtle initial jewelry...not the big honkin' things that spell out entire names. :smile: Yours sounds just right.
  10. I love initial necklaces since you're not going to see it on every person that walks by you (unless you're surrounded by people with the same initials as you which would be a little weird but I'm rambling) and it's not a very "loud" piece of jewelry and it's very adaptable, KWIM?
  11. I think an initial pendant can be a classic in any jewelry wardrobe. There are some things that just pass the test of time, you know?
    I think it is easy to see when something is a very trendy take on a classic and vice versa.
  12. I have one of those, in white gold, and I love it! It was the first piece of jewelry my fiance (then boyfriend) gave me, so I'll always keep it. But I agree, since it's so small it will still look great!
  13. I agree with the others, i think an understated initial necklace can look lovely.
  14. I love tiny pendants. So lovely and feminine. I don't think it is passe as long as it's not the whole name or super large.
  15. I just bought an initial 14K gold script...I love it. It's surrounded by a circle, not too big. It's like the one Eva Longoria has been wearing, except mine doesn't have diamonds.