Initial Letter Charms

  1. For those who are looking for the letter charms, the outlets have them and they are super cheap! Also the colors are different than the ones they sell online or at the full price stores. I got a P and it's silver on the front and purple in the back, online it's gold and blue. So anywho, it was an extra 40% off so it ended up only costing $13.99, outlet normal price is $24 and regular store prices are $28, so they're basically 50% off!! :yahoo:
  2. Those are from last outlet only had B, U, W, X and Z left....I wanted an fat chance
  3. ARgh they NEVER have R or T!
  4. did you guys ask? They didn't have a P or T out, so I asked and they found a P.
  5. Yeah, they told me everything was out, they had them all in a big bin and people were going crazy searching through it.
  6. I knew I forgot to get something at the outlet yesterday! I wanted to get my initials. *sniffle* Darn.
  7. THEY NEVER HAVE MY INITIAL "K"!! I picked up a G though... blah...
  8. they never have j since sooo many people have j names, but i found one at my outlet! it was at the very bottom of the messy pile but i was so surprised & happy to find it.
  9. i found J...all i need is a C and a heart charm and then I'll be set!!! (its going to be C :heart: J, mine and the bf initals)
  10. Lol I just bought a c and a j this weekend - DH and my initials. Too funny!
  11. I always look for R, K, & P. (K&P are my daughters). Never can I find those 3. And, I've also asked.
  12. I got a K last Thanksgiving. I believe the ones at the outlets are the first set of initial charms right? That would mean the current ones in stores should be the second set then.
  13. I can never find K or H. The ones I see on eBay are always in horrible color combinations. GRRRR!
  14. The New K's at the Coach Store are Pink on one side and purple on the other, my daughter has it...last years was green, that is why she waited to get one.
  15. I caved in and got the green one last year when it was on sale at the outlets. I'm waiting for this year's letter charms to go to the outlets so I can get a pink one for a cheaper price. I don't mind waiting. I just hope they still have them by then!