Inherited Vintage Kelly 60s

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  1. Agree.
    There is no price for peace of mind knowing that your item is authenticated by a professional outside of Hermes
  2. This makes no sense to me. If you could please explain, why would the word of Hermès not be enough for authentication?:flowers:
  3. Hermes does not authenticate their merchandise in writing whether it needs a spa treatment or not.
    If a bag did not need to be spa'd & there was no receipt, a potential buyer of a bag might be concerned
    about authenticity.
    By having a certificate by a professional authenticator that the bag is indeed authentic takes away any potential authenticity issues for the seller as well as the buyer.
    As has been under discussion for Hermes, Chanel & other designers, receipts can be "faked" ( spa or store)
    For a small fee, all parties concerned would have a little bit more peace of mind with regard to authenticity
    Many H vintage bags that I have purchased over the years that did not have an original receipt were authenticated
    before purchase & since the subject has arisen before with H bags being destroyed by Hermes due to authenticity
    this to me is an extra layer of security, JMO
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  7. +1
  8. My best friend bought a bag from Paris in September. A vintage Kelly, black 32. She took it to her local H store and they told her they believed it to be authentic but would evaluate it further nd if it was fake they would destroy the bag. She felt pretty confident it was real because she carefully researched the reseller in Paris before her trip and purchase. The bag is authentic and was sent off to the spa. The price quoted was $2K and it will take 6 months.

    Good luck with whatever you decide. It’s a beautiful bag.
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  9. Other thoughts for you Julide with regard to "authenticity".....
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  10. Thank you for your response and for giving additional information. It is appreciated.:flowers:
  11. You are welcome
    It is important to understand that the world is full of Hermes replicas.. Google Hermes replicas & you likely will
    be overwhelmed with the amount of "replicas" in the marketplace as well as sellers who claim their Birkins, Kellys, etc
    are authentic. tPF is full of situations where a seller claims a bag is authentic & a buyer or potential buyer learns
    that it isn't & compounded by a loss of many thousands.
    Any reassurance for a buyer is of utmost importance as well as a seller to have that extra layer of protection
    & an authentication can provide that for a small fee
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  12. @Love Of My Life you've quoted me twice, same post, but with no response. Could you clarify?
  13. Whatever my aunt decides, if the buyer wants additional authentication she would just go and do it st the time. I honestly don't see a point to authenticate it until a buyer is ready to buy it and then appoints the authenticator for the peace of mind for that buyer. I don't see why she should go to a third party now, not knowing what the buyer trusts. If a buyer says the more proof the better so maybe one authentication by one party isn't even enough. I personally would not go thru the trouble until she has someone ready to buy and then she can ask the buyer what proof she or he likes. I would not push my aunt to go authenticate online until she figues out how she wants to sell it and who she wants to sell it to.

    I don't know why this is turning into a debate in whether my aunt should go to a third party or not. She's decided on going to hermes first. If her 95 year old cousin bought a fake bag in the 60s and it got destroyed while at hermes then so be it. I would be happy to see it destroyed if that were the case and my aunt does not have sentimental value attached to it else she wouldn't want to sell it in the first place.
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  14. Your post was meant to give Julide another point of view with regard to authenticity
  15. This makes sense. I agree that she doesn't necessarily need a 3rd party authentication now. Just curious, how do you think your aunt is going to find a buyer without using a cosigner?