Inherited Vintage Kelly 60s

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  1. Omg thank you thank you thank you! I think my aunt would be way more comfortable meeting someone professional about this in person!
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  2. I have no advice, but you are a kind and helpful relative.:flowers:
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  4. If you’re in Paris you should consider bringing the bag to collector square near the bon marche. I’ve sold a few bags there and they will take something like 35% of the selling price + they will authenticate it for you not sure consignment stores will. There’s some vintage Kelly’s on collector square you can see for reference.
    If you live in the 7th (as I can guess) corner luxe on avenue bosquet or the other consignment store on rue de grenelle near rue Clerc may be interested and I think they take less than collector square (but may take more time to sell). Not sure but they may ask for it to be authentificated
  5. Thank you! My aunt lives around the corner from the shop on Ave bosquet and I told her already to take it there for évaluation if she wants a rough idea but not to consign it there because I don't think they will give her a good price. I will also give her the option of collector square too. I really think if she serviced it it will get a much better price than what it's worth at the current condition but she's not a bag person so it's hard to say if she's really going to runaround figuring all this out. I would love to do it for her since I'm also interested I. The bag myself but this is terrible timing.

  6. Shes like à second mom to me. Also it's about a vintage hermes kelly, so I don't want her to deal with it too sloppily haha

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  7. I don't see the need of authentication by a third party.

    If Hermes accepts the bag and they service it, then it is clearly authentic and she'll just pay the spa fee.
    If I trust anyone to tell me if my bag is authentic or not, it's clearly Hermes :smile:.
    She'll save herself authentication fees+spa fees.

    You also mention that this was bought in the 60s? I doubt there were fakes in the market then..

    Wishing her all the best!
  8. the need is because she wants to sell it

    Hermes accepting the bag makes *her* aware of the authenticity but that’s not the same as making the *buyer* believe the authenticity. I wouldn’t trust a receipt of spa as proof just like I wouldn’t a receipt of purchase...the authentication is needed regardless for selling
  9. Yes, my first stop would be Hermès; they will not service a replica bag, and her receipt for service should be enough to satisfy if she were to consign the bag to a reputable shop; they would authenticate and stand by the bag as well.

    Please keep us posted!
  10. She can redact her information on the hermes receipt and provide a copy to the buyer..
  11. I am exactly saying that it won’t be enough because receipts can be faked & we have seen that

    ETA: if a consignment shop says it’s enough it will be fine for them but I am saying personally I don’t trust receipts
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  12. We are living in a world of "AAA fakes. Having the bag spa'd at Hermes may be sufficient for OP & her Aunt,
    but sadly not for others.
    For a small fee, an authentication certificate provides an extra layer of protection
    At the end of the day whether the OP or her Aunt sells or consigns the bag, better to be in the know 100%, JMO
    & an authentication will do that.
    For many a receipt is just not enough .. We all know & have seen "faked" receipts that lead to other unfortunate issues
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  13. Can authentication certificates be fakes? I mean if receipts can...
  14. #44 Feb 14, 2020 at 1:17 PM
    Last edited: Feb 14, 2020 at 1:26 PM
    Of course! But you can contact the authenticator to ask moreso than you can ask Hermes & I know for example bababebi actually calls out fake certificates on her Instagram and tPF to warn others that they are not real from her. So yes in fact people are even forging authentication certificates...

    In this day and age there is no such thing as too much proof. The more you can provide the better! Obviously if OP gets the spa service receipt that should also be included as least that’s how I think! I do consider myself on the cautious side when it comes to purchasing pre loved
  15. Exactly. I think the quickest, easiest, most efficient course of action is to take it to Hermès for a spa. Then when you sell it, it is in good condition and authenticity is proven. If spa is only a few hundred dollars and no handle replacement or major repairs are necessary, you can still sell it for more than you have spent. Or just take it directly to 2 or 3 resale shops and see what they offer and let them worry about authentication.
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