Inherited Vintage Kelly 60s

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  1. Hello ladies! I never thought I'd ever find myself in the Hermès forum and I really hope my post won't break any rules since it's pretty overwhelming the amount of information that exists here.

    My aunt who is in her 70s, inherited a vintage Kelly (20?) from what we think was purchased in the 60s from her cousin who is in her mid 90s.

    My aunt needs money and want to sell the bag but have no idea where to start identifying its worth. I told her to take it to a vintage shop to have it evaluated first (we live in Paris) but I thought I might turn to you ladies to get some understanding.

    The cloche and key is still there but the lock is missing. There is no strap as I did read that Kelly from the 60s didn't come with one.

    The bag was very rarely used and leather is in great condition but the corners are a bit worn. For a bag so old, what is the best way to identify the year and prove its authenticity? Would it be really difficult to resell without the lock?

    How much do you guys think it's worth approximate? In the 2000s to 4000s? IMG-20200213-WA0003.jpg IMG-20200213-WA0005.jpg IMG-20200213-WA0007.jpg IMG-20200213-WA0009.jpg IMG-20200213-WA0004.jpg
  2. Suggest you have this Kelly authenticated from Bababebi..
    If the bag is deemed authentic perhaps you may consider a spa from Hermes or look at Docride's (home kits)
    for repairs to just kinda clean it up
    There are really several good vintage shops in Paris as well as several auction houses
    (Drouot etc) that might have some interest.. Not sure how quickly your Aunt is looking for funds
  3. Thank you for the quick response. I guess the hesitation is that if the bag is real but not worth much, maybe it's still not worth giving it a spa? I really doubt my aunt is going to do the home kit herself and I'm 7 months pregnant so I can't really do much at the moment for her :sad:
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    Vintage Hermes bags are collectible & they are worth spa'ing.. Can't see the overall condition but it does look
    dry with corner wear.
    What does the inside look like? Any marks?
    I'd first find out if the bag is authentic & then perhaps send "images as is" to several resellers & auction houses
    to see what the level of interest is &what they would value the bag.
    You can actually do a search on your own from other auction houses such as Christie's
    to get a "ballpark" value
    Be realistic about the prices you will be offered as whoever you will sell/consign will have to make money
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  5. Agree, start with an authentication then call or visit the local resellers like Catherine B and Collector Square (they're not far from each other) to get a sense of value. If authentic, in that condition you're likely looking on the lower end of the range you mentioned. HTH.
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  6. It's doubtful one of the bigger auction houses will take this bag because of the condition but they could give you some advice.

    Meanwhile there are plenty of comparative vintage examples on Ebay and Colector's Square and so on that will give you a ball park figure for what the resale market is looking for
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  7. Drouot would consider this bag. I have seen bags in this condition that sell at Drouot. It is worth a call

    Did you ever see the images of the Olsen twins with their beat up Kelly bags?
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  8. I was referring to your own reference to Chisties but good to know
  9. OP, you can also try in addition to the above mentioned
    Scarlett ( think she is still around) Reciproque & Didier Ludot (not sure if Didier still has his shop in Palais Royal)
    Perhaps not top prices but you will get an idea of pricing based on condition
  10. Thank you guys so much for all the responses! I was thinking I would get my aunt to go to hermes to ask about their spa service and see if what they say on the cost. My aunt is a very elegant French lady and the bag has a good history and so I'm hoping they will give her some advice on restoration. If they are willing to help her out, then it might be worth calling the vintage buyers after to see what they say? If the bag is only worth around 2k, I would just give her the money myself and keep the bag (plus restoration fees). If the bag is closer to the 4k end or worth auctioning then I would want her to get the most value out of it.
  11. Honestly I am not sure my aunt is willing to do the legwork to investigate and at my state I can only help with so much. Maybe on my mat leave I might have more time to help on this. I will pass all the info to her and see how much time she wants to invest on this. I had Previously told her to go to hermes and see if they're willing to take it in for refurbishment. If they are not then we will go down the route of officially authenticating it and see if it's real, then call around consignment stores. The chances of it being fake is pretty low. I know the original owner and she is such a traditional French lady and this was one of her few prized possessions that she bought from hermes store herself.
  12. I tried eBay but it was hard for me to understand whether the bag sits in the spectrum of value. I see stuff ranging from 3k to 10k but the conditions are all much better so I told my aunt at the condition she's looking around 2k but I dunno with improvements what it would be worth
  13. It seems as if you may be trying to avoid getting the item authenticated. I understand the context, money is needed, but this bullet needs to be bitten to avoid any future problems. It isn't enough to believe, but to physically get evidence. I suggest that you get this item professionally authenticated before asking further questions. Start with authentication first and then refurbishment. If Hermes deems the bag to be not authentic, they might end up destroying it.
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  14. If hermes is willing to refurbish it does she still need it authenticated? I don't have time to go to her place to take extensive photos and figure out the process. I have a full-time job and a toddler and 7 month pregnant. I told her what u guys are saying but if she doesn't want to put in the time then I just don't see why she can't just go to an hermes and have it be serviced
  15. If they end up destroying a fake bag I'm not sure what the problem is!
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