Inherited 1980's Gucci handbag from grandmother - but what is it?

  1. My grandmother recently had to go into a nursing home, and she gave me the one item she loved the most from her home - her vintage Gucci bag from the 80's with the matching wallet. She carried it ever day for as long as I can remember, but now I want to know more about the style.

    I'll try to post a pic when my camera charges, but here's what it looks like:

    Is a harder canvas, with blue GG logo all over, blue leather handles, gold hardware, and has the gucci striped material from leather on each side attaching to the blue leather handles. insided is blue matterial, and the tag is in gold lettering says Gucci accessory collection in cursive and has in gold lettering on back the reg. number? Any ideas???? It's about 11 inches long, 6 inches tall and 4 inches wided...
  2. Can not wait to see pics!
  3. Ok heres the pic of the bag and wallet - i'm sure it isn't worth much, it's pretty old and has been loved alot, but my grandma was always such a stylish lady and loved bags (I think that's where my love of bags came from) so it means so much to have this bag in my collection... :love:

  4. :crybaby: I can't see the pic! Boo-hoo please post again!!!! :heart: Emmy
  5. Can you see this one?
  6. no i can't see the photo either ... it says session exipre (24 hrs) ...
    it's because the link you gave us is part or from of your personal account (ie. email) that requires logging in
  7. agghhh sorry! I'll repost it... hang on...
  8. ok, sorry, my laptop is having some issues tonight - here it is, i think...
  9. hi needanotherbag ,

    I have this bag and wallet my parents got this for my college graduation in l984. The bag is called a speedy/doctors bag I don't know why. I check with my mom and she said that she paid over $300. 00 for the bag and $160.00 for the wallet. She also said because the bag was so popular there was a waiting list at the store. These bags are in vogue, I have had a number of family and friends want to buy it and the wallet but I cannot bear to sell them because my parents got them for me. I hope this helps you. Ps some of the vintage speedy sell for $150-$400.
  10. krisco - thank you so much for the info on this bag! My Grandma was in her mid 60's when she bought this, and I knew it was special to her because she carried it every day for the last 20 yrs - it must have been a huge splurge for her back then, which makes it even more valuable to me - I'd never try to sell it, but it is interesting to know the value...