inhabit cashmere $80 sale

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    they're having a mini sample sale of their basic styles...i cannot resist. inhabit is my favorite cashmere!!

    sale runs until 1/28, and includes free shipping.

    new spring stuff is going up on 1/28 and it is FAB!!!
  2. Thansk Grechen, Inhabit is my favorite as well!
  3. yay! isn't it the best cashmere? i always wait for these sales to get sweaters for the best prices :smile:
  4. Thanks for the heads up grechen! "luckybreaks1" worked for an extra 25% off.
  5. weird..that code didn't work for me. oh well, i shouldn't be buying anything anyway.
  6. ^^^Didn't work for me either. I shouldn't be buying either so it's a good thing.
  7. Slightly OT
    But I was at the Citadel in Los Angeles yesterday, at the Tommy Hillfriger store got cashmere gloves for $7 and a v-neck cashmere sweater for around $18 (it was marked msrp of $158). Now I'm sure the quality is no where near these, but picked up several for DD who lives in the very cold midwest.
  8. fyi, the code said "declined" when applied in my cart but adjusted the total in the checkout phase
  9. Thanks for the tip. I love cashmere but I've never tried Inhabit. I just purchased a few pieces. I wish they would show the color better on the website. I tried using the luckybreaks1 code. It declined the code and never adjusted the price at checkout. :sad:
  10. Yay thanks! I got a cardigan - and the code initially declined but then was adjusted on the checkout page. :yahoo:
  11. thanks! i was able to use the says declined but adjusts at checkout.
    got the cardigan in twilight and v-neck in navy
  12. How does the size run?
  13. Well, last time I tried buying from them at this price, they canceled my orders, but I'll try again. I ordered 2 cardigans, one in Putty and one in Cinder. I did 2 separate orders, because I didn't know about the code when I ordered the first time. It worked the second time, but I'll still believe it when I see it!
  14. anyone knows the fit, please!
  15. the code worked at checkout. thank you!