Ingrown Toenail

  1. Does anyone know if you have to see a podiatrist for this or can you GP resolve this issue? TIA!
  2. I had this problem once but it went away using a bigger size shoe and cutting my nails straight or square instead of round. I dont know if this make any sense.
  3. I had two ingrown toenails removed by a podiatrist as they involved minor surgery. Mine were caused b/c the nail bed was too small.

    Good luck to you! It really hurt to have it done, but once the healing process was over, I was extremely glad!
  4. You have to see a podiatrist for this problem. I've had this surgical procedure done about 5 times to fix/remove ingrown nails. Please get it taken care of asap, or else you will have a bigger problem that what you started with.
    It's done in office, takes about a half hour. The doctor gives you about three numbing shots in your toe, then he cuts it out and applies something to kill the nail cells. You don't feel anything, except for the numbing shots. All you feel during the rest of the time is pressure/tugging from the podiatrist touching your foot. But a few hours after the numbing wears off, your toe will hurt and burn, so be prepared for that. And wear comfortable, loose shoes for the first few days. Also, be sure not to hit your foot up against anything when it's numb.
    Good luck!!
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    I agree with purplekitty. Have a podiatrist look at it as soon as possible so the healing can begin. Honestly, it was the biggest relief to have my toe nail problems taken care of.

    You can run the risk of an infection in addition to the discomfort an ingrown nail can cause.
  6. ^^ What purplekitty said to a "T". I wore Birkenstocks and socks for a month when I had mine done.....about seven years now.

    DO NOT take care of it yourself. I tried to and almost had an infection and it hurt a whole lot more because I messed it up.

    Aside tip: Nail curvature, squares for toes and round for fingers.
  7. I have had them too. I agree with everyone else, you should see a podiatrist. If it becomes a recurring problem, sizing up 1/2 size in your shoes will help, as will avoiding pointy-toe shoes. Good luck!
  8. Ahh I love my pumps! Bummer i will have to put them aside. Thanks for the info girls...the podiatrist it is!!!
  9. I had to have my big toenail removed and the doctor used a lazer I suppose to kill the nail cells as purplekitty said. Now I have two pieces of nail that grow on that toe one on each side never a complete nail. Anyone else have this happen? I use fake toenails in the summer cuz I hate how it looks.