Ingrid Bag!!!

  1. Hi its me again!! Wanted to know if anyone has the Ingrid bag and if so, tell me what u think about it?? I'm deciding between the almond or white?? Thanks!! :smile:

  2. Hi! Actually the Topaz turned out to be fake :cursing:so I only have the Ivory one now. (I guess I need to update my pics!) It's an awesome bag....perfect for going out and occasions. It's a little small for everyday use though. I do use it pretty regularly. Hope that helps!

    Oh the Ingrid is GORGEOUS in Almond.....I vote for that color!
  3. Hi Ladies,

    Thanks so much for your advice...i got the almond and the black...eeeek! I'm so bad but i got a killer price on a private sale..:smile: :yahoo:I also got my chain tote!! I'll take pics when they arrive...:smile: :p

    Thank you so much!!! :tup:
  4. ^^Private sale? I'm so envious!! Congrats and post pics if you can! :yes:
  5. Nice! Post pics when you can!
  6. I am also the proud owner of the black Ingrid bag. I really love it, and it has the perfecy size for going out.
  7. i really love the ingrids!
  8. I'm totally jealous! Please share pics. :smile: