Ingenue Sophie....Here it is.......

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  1. It's called "Musique Des Dieux" C. Stuhlhofer-Mayr, I THINK 1996? I cropped the lady in the center pic for my avatar.......
    Musique1.jpg Musique3.jpg Musique2.jpg
  2. Lovely scarf! I must say Smom-you picked the best part of it in your avatar!
  3. NOLA......I love the women in the Hermes scarves. They all seem so lovely, KWIM?
  4. Definitely, so gracious!
  5. Great design; Shopmom, you know there's a Musique des Dieux enamel bracelet right? It has pictures of the instruments featured on the four corners of the scarf. I'll see if I can get a pic up here a little later.
  6. I adore that scarf. Just made the grail list.

    I'm getting to the point that my grail list is seriously interfering with my handbag purchase. Grrr
  7. such a gorgeous scarf, shopmom! and ITA about the women in H scarves....i wish i could be as elegant as they look!
  8. Thank you!!!! I love it. I wonder if I can find one? It's probably out of production, right? Gorgeous. Thank you for posting it for me!:yahoo:
  9. Beautiful scarf shopmom!!!.. Did it come in any other colors?
  10. I think this may be my all time favourite scarf. Beautiful design, stunning colours. Very rich, and deep. You'll look like a million bucks when you wear this one!