Infuriated, yet curious

  1. Sooooo. I was on the phone with my sister in law on Saturday afternoon-having a pointless conversation as usual (we do not have a relationship whatsoever unless she is barking orders about what to buy her kids or complaining that we don't stick to her list)
    and in true form she slips up about my suprise from my husband. She proceeds to tell me how my husband had my chanel shipped to her house and she left it in the driveway for two days and he was fighting with fedex because tracking said it was delievered and she didn't know it was there and than it was the wrong color and it was left outside, etc etc etc. Long story short-my husband was away on business this weekend, and the fact that she ruined his suprise was brewing inside of me. So when he came home yesterday I told him. Am I wrong? Seriously-she leaves my bag outside for two days (a 3k bag) , tells me about it when my husband tries to suprise me and than tells me it was the wrong color and he had to fix it. Over the past five years she has done nothing but be rude and nasty to me-she is jealous and its obvious, last year at Christmas she told me I don't deserve to be married to her brother and that I am a spoiled b*tch.
    But enough about her-I told my husband I want the Walk of Fame bag-in coral. Is it possible that he found it already? Has anyone seen the large walk of fame in coral anywhere? Is it out there and possibly in CT now waiting for me?
    Is it possible that he has found my holy grail? :nuts:

    PS-Luccibag-Please be my sister in law. We can share bags.:heart:
  2. she sounds like a major &*^$#! HOLY COW, i swear i would flip on her lol! i think she's the spoilt bi*ch not you! she sounds totally like one :graucho: well, at least you've got a major 'surprise' and she doesn't so tell her to suck on that! LOL so what did your DH say after you told him?
  3. My husband called her and screamed at her. He told her to stop being a jealous b*tch that her husband doesn't treat her the way he treats me. That she is a mean person and not to call us anymore. He than proceeded to yell at her again-and get this-she blamed her mother. He than asked her what her f*cking problem was and why can't she ever be happy for someone else instead of being a miserable b*tch.

    The sick sad part is that my mother in law has nothing to do with this. Yet, she is siding with her daughter that she did nothing wrong. Wait til they see our new christmas presents for them. They will be shocked. My husband is nothing but generous to them-but now I am going to buy new presents. Nothing that they wanted or expected.
  4. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr she sounds like a total jealous Bi$%h Troll! How mean is she comment on someone's else's marriage least of all her brother's! Also to take action to sour what happiness someone else has, that is particularly low.

    I think whatever your husband got you, he is a sweetheart, thinking about you and making time to organise such a generous present.

    Hugs to the both of you.
  5. I applaud your husband.........and don't worry about your sis-in-law. What goes around comes around and if she wants to be jealous and act that way, that's HER problem not yours!

    BTW, I do hope you get your HG.
  6. i would just ignore them and not give them the time of day. I am glad ur husband supported you- she was clearly jelous of you
  7. Man....yeah the purse is great--don't get me wrong....if my DH surprised me w/ a Chanel I'd FLIP!!! But more importantly -- your DH called the evil beeyotch and let her have it!!!! GOOD JOB DH!!! Sounds like he said everything to her that you've been wanting too...Woo-hoo?!?! I feel your pain....There are people in our family that are like doesn't bother me a bit ...I consider the source...and know that both me & DH bust our butts to have what we bad for them they are lazy and miserable...Can't wait to see your lovely bag btw!!!
  8. Next time tell your husband not to involve his sister in any of your affairs.

    I would never have sent the purse to her house. It would be better to pick it up at the PO or UPS or have your doorman hold it.

    I would avoid her from now on; be cordial but distant if you get my drift.

    I am sorry it is like this but we can't always choose family. At least your husband is a doll and that is what counts. It is too bad he had to be stressed about this.
  9. oh yes please, would love to see your bag

  10. He only sent it to her because sending it to my sister would be dangerous-we're sisters and you know how that goes. I don't speak to my sister in law unless it involves buying presents for her kids-and usually that is form of an email that has her "approved toy list" and acceptable gifts. So I guess he figured I would be totally suprised. Though last year she had my earrings and told me after I screamed my head off (after my husband pulled them out of his pocket) that if she knew they were insured she would have "lost" them on me because I clearly don't derserve them. I can tell you stories that would make your skin crawl. I am just pissed that she ruined my suprise-esp if it is my HG bag. Btw-has anyone seen IRL? I have only seen the small version.
  11. Gosh, jealousy is just such a nasty poisonous emotion isnt it.

    Your poor husband, he probably thought he was doing a great thing, keeping the surprise and arranging for it to go to his sis, not realising what a bitter, green eyed witch she is!

    He has said his piece, you have said yours, do not let this shrew ruin your holiday season, and she hasnt really ruined your surprise, as I doubt she would have a clue what bag it was ;) Without doubt she was trying to ruin your big moment, by telling you in advance, so do not give her the satisfaction.

    Big hugs, and I hope you get the bag of your dreams x
  12. chloe i hope its coral.........
  13. crossing my fingers for you that it is ;)
  14. Won't bother to go into our family mess but our solution is not to associate with them. For us there is no more crap to deal with. As the saying goes, less is best. I used to think that meant fashion-wise but it sure works for dealing with dysfunctional families as well.
  15. Wow, what a SIL you got stuck with!:wacko:
    Can't wait to find out what DH got you for Christmas!