Infos about the Silver Miroir Papillon

  1. Okay.. So I've never purchased an LV over a boutique IRL.. I used to have LVs but purchased it over the secondhand shops here in Hong Kong... I was lurking for sometime in the LV forum these past few weeks and I think I'm falling in love with the Miroir collection. If I've gotten a chance to purchase a Silver Papillon, what should it include? I really have no idea since I've been a Chanel Girl for a while... Should it include tags? care cards? All I knew is that it should include a dustbag.. But besides the dustbag, what should it include?

    And yeah, can a papillon fit into the shoulders? Because I haven't try on a Papillon EVER... But this Silver Papillon is sooo cute and I thinking of forgetting my light silver reissue because it's soo blingy!!! HELP!

    TIA! :biggrin:
  2. the only question i can answer is yes the papillions fit on your shoulder !

    i wish i could tell you more. sorry :sad:
  3. ^ It's ok! :biggrin: At least it's good to know that the Papillon can fit on my shoulder! I'm more of a shoulder / handbag girl! I love using the handbag both on my shoulder and on my hands! :biggrin:
  4. well im glad i could help :biggrin:

    i hope you find the bag of your dreams.
  5. Eek, the Miroir Papillon is actually much too small to fit on your shoulder even if you have thinner arms. The straps are just too short. Here's a pic of a TPFer holding one for reference:

    And yes, the bag should come with the dustbag and care cards for the Miroir line.
  6. Are there alot of miroirs in secondhand shop in HK? WAs it easy to find? Your lucky, I say grab it.
  7. Rica, stick with Chanel, dont get a miroir... bec... i want one, leave that for me... hahahah! Just kidding. Im not sure for the miroir line, but the care card for LV is just like a small booklet, not really a plastic card type -- good luck, this is really cute. I used to like a gold pap then switched to gold speedy ... this is quite small , too...
  8. ^^Yup, there should be a booklet and hopefully 2 tags with it-one should be one that describes the bag and another that has the model of the bag on it. Sometimes they come with the piece and sometimes they don't though, but it's really helpful to have at least the care booklet. :yes:
  9. Thanks a lot for your infos guys! :biggrin:

    Narkeasha, I saw one only. Only one. But usually they don't give care cards for secondhands... I don't know.. That's why I'm asking so that I know which ones to ask when I buy the bag. hehe! Thanks again! :biggrin:
  10. I'm jelous! I wanted the miroir papillon for ages!
    So i say get it , It's stunning :drool:
  11. thats weird the straps actually look like the drop is long enough to fit on your shoulder. my mistake :push:
  12. Ohhh I'm growing my love for the both colors... Gold and Silver!!
  13. The strap is long enough to fit on the shoulder. But I won't recommend doing that as your arm will squash it. I was given a tag and care booklet with my gold Pap which I'm yet to use.:nuts: Hope you get the Silver Pap!
  14. sorry but the miroir papillon is not a shoulder bag. the size is small and though i could fit it over my shoulders when i had one, it got squeezed so not a good idea lol.
  15. Hmmm... I'm lurking around the Miroir Sections and I'm really falling in love with these LVs! Haha... I really, really want a bling bling handbag for a change... Wish me luck with this Pap! :biggrin: