Informing tPF's when you're returning a bag... this is ok, right?

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  1. I just want to make sure due to the thread regarding the scammer and the selling of bags. If I'm returning a bag to a specific store, I can announce it here and PM info to thsoe interested, yes? JUST want to make sure no rules are being violated. I would be so happy if someone who really wanted something but didn't have luck finding it would give a bag a new home.:yes: TIA.
  2. ^ That's very nice of you, and many of us have been helped by sweet pfer's passing on this type of info! :heart: You can post a thread stating that you're returning a specific bag to wherever (Saks, NM, etc.) and mention that if anyone is interested, they can PM you and you can give them the SA name/number. Or you can post a thread saying the bag you wish to return is being held under your name for a specified time period, so please call so and so (SA) at this number if you're interested. :tup:

    The only problem that arises is if someone tries to sell the bag they are returning directly to the pfer, as opposed to the interested party purchasing it directly from the boutique... the latter is allowed, the former is not. :smile: :flowers:
  3. Thanks!! :smile: :heart:
  4. right on Minal!:tup: