Information ?

  1. On this:


    still available ?
    other colors ?
    price ?

    Thanks so much !
  2. Saks san franciso had one as of this last weekend ( a return b.c they dont carry chanel) it was $1195.00. called caviar bowling tote in pink.
  3. thanks so much !

    do you know if it comes in any other color ?
  4. ^ black, turquiose, red, pink
    thats the only colors I have seen. Although, both red and turquiose were at the outlets awhile back. Pink was not, not sure about black though.
  5. thanks so much for all of your help :smile:
  6. i think the bowler comes in white too..but im not sure:smile:
  7. if i got it in white is there coloring issues ? does it yellow easily and does caviar get dirty easy ?
  8. I dont remember seeing a white, but I could be wrong. Caviar is very durable and it wont discolor. I think the pink is young and fresh. I think you should go for the pink or the black.
  9. well i just got a black gucci so im thinking about getting the pink bc my pink dooney tassle tote is worn out and i think im going to get a white caviar PST or Cotton Club tote im still un decided

    i need to go to Neimans !

    does anyone own this bag and want to share pics :biggrin: