Information re: shipping overseas from USA

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  1. Mods, I didn't know where to put this so please move it wherever you think it should go and thank you!

    Just found out today that if you are shipping from the United States overseas and want to insure your package for the full value of the bag, if it's over $2,500.00 they must inform the Internal Revenue Service. :wtf:

    Seems it's a new development and thankfully I was told by a very nice clerk at the counter. Yikes! :s
  2. Does this count from US to US addresses or just us to overseas?
  3. Oh, what if you are sending it to yourself...for overseas use, since the airlines are so strict?? I know alot of people who fed-ex their belongings to their hotels ahead of themselves instaed of dealing with "check in"?
  4. Good question! I was shipping a box overseas and that's when this came up so I assumed it was only for that but.....I'm now thinking it must be for shippping anywhere. Makes more sense......
  5. I would hate to have to pay ...first sales tax here, then import tax there, and then a return import tax here!!:hysteric: I'll just travel with a bag'o'panties and some cash then!:smash:
  6. Ava......I was shipping internationally and had to fill out the customs form. I then asked for insurance. The cLerk wanted to know the value of the bag on the customs form and when I told him he said anything over $2,500.00 will be reported to the IRS. So, I think it has more to do with the amount of insurance coverage you want (most of us want to insure our bags for their full value) than where it's going or to whom.
  7. ^this is true! I encountered this when I bought my Kelly.
  8. Well, so far I have not shipped anything of value, good to know I have to get additional info if I ever do. So thank you!
  9. You could ship a bag in three parts though.... The bag, the clochette, the cadena. Plus even a shoulder strap! Each at 2,499 $
  10. ^ that's not such a bad idea, C!
  11. good idea hello! If I ever have enough $$ to buy a bag worth more than $2500 and plan to sell it, I'll remember that.