Information on Ultimate Soft pieces ??please

  1. Hello everyone i was lookin at the Ultimate Soft pieces thread in the reference library, and i really like the styles:heart:. Do they sell any of these At chanel,Saks, etc? if so how much do they retail for. Thanks
  2. I have the med ulitmate soft hobo and I love it! while I bought mine at a boutique (maybe two years ago) Ive seen it at both Neimans and Saks! I think the pre-price increase price was either 1495 or 1595, but I dont know what it is right now... hope this helps!:p
  3. So is this line still available? DOES anyone know after price increase how much they are now? thanks
  4. I am also interested in the ultimate soft line, and when I spoke to my SA at Neiman's she said that classics were only affected by the increase. Is this true? When I tried that bag on it was $1595, but she said it came in small and large. I think you may be referring to the small here (it is medium in size to me though, not small at all). Hope this info helps.
  5. Well I bought mine (medium) for $1595 in October. My SA at Chanel in boston mentioned that this bag didn't get price increase for awhile compared to others. However, she said it is one of the classics so I'm not sure if this bag is effected by the recent price increase. I had mine shipped from Hawaii because there was none available in MA. I hope this info helps a little. :smile:
  6. I just got mine from Saks in FL... i hv the small/medium ultimate soft... its 1595usd... when i checked, the saks in troy MI and saks in NYC also had it...
  8. I got my medium almost two weeks ago from Saks for $1595. They were not affected by the most recent price increase.
  9. What's the leather like on these? Is it prone to getting scratched? Do you have to totally baby it?
  10. The leather is lambskin so naturally it isn't going to be the most durable. My SA showed me a beige that they had in stock (only one they had at the time) and it had been a display bag and it was pretty dirty for just being touched by customers. I love the beige but after seeing that, I wouldn't buy it in that color. I do think they need to be babied to a degree, especially a lighter color, but I'm kind of used to doing that so I don't feel it is that big a deal. I'd be most concerned about taking it out in rain.

    The bag is considered a classic, but it is not part of the timeless collection according to my SA. However, the bag is premenant so it will be around. It was not included in the most recent increase. The prices are $1795 for the large and $1595 for the smaller one. The small one has quilting on it and leather on the top of the handle. The larger one has the classic chain and it does not have any quilting.
  11. I just purchased the large Ultimate Soft in beige. I located it at the Saks Chanel in Chevy Chase, Maryland. The woman I worked with (Marilyn) said she also carries the bag in black. She also has both colors in small and large. I agree with the other poster regarding "babying" the beige bag. I travel a lot and wouldn't dare bring this on the plane and sit it on the floor. It easily picks up dirt and oil. Great bag if you're going out shopping or grabbing lunch with the gals but def not an everyday bag. :nogood:

    My Ultimate Soft Beige Bag
  12. Thanks for the input ladies...while its a good bargain for the price and I am sure TDF leather (soft and supple), I am not sure if I'd want to be afraid of using it..and end up having it sit in the closet untouched. I just bought my Medallion in the Caviar leather and am amazed at how easy to care for it is. I think my next purchase down the Chanel road will be either a PST or GST since its the same leather.
  13. Bacardi girl we seem to have same taste! ;) i was sooo in love with this bag but i realized i wouldnt bare babying it so much. When i tried it on, it was sooo soft and gorgeous. But i would prefer to have tough caviar for an everyday bag. Instead of getting lambskin and having it in the closet like you say. I do have the medallion tote just like you, and next for me is the pst as well[​IMG]
  14. Thanks for the info here:tup:

    I saw this on Megs blog and loved it and loved the price, but I should probably invest in something a little more durable for now.