Information on the E/W flap...

  1. Hi everyone! I've been thinking about the classic E/W caviar flap...How much does it run these days? I've checked the reference library and most of the recent pictures don't have prices (specifically from Nov-Jan). I know there's been a price increase in November. Also, how much stuff can it fit?

    Thanks for any input, guys!:smile:
  2. I thought it went up to around $1700 but there still seem to be some with the old tags ($1350) floating around. I may be wrong as far as the increase goes though.
  3. Old price was $1395 and I believe now we are looking at $1750 or $1795..... I can fit my chanel card case, compact, gloss, lip liner, mini eye cream, concealer, phone, blackberry and mini hand creme give or take..... If I don't need my blackberry in the bag I can fit a larger wallet instead of the blackberry and card case but lately I really like using my card cases as wallets.
  4. I have two E/Ws and truthfully I can barely fit anything in there.. let's see, there's a make-up bag (that could be the problem, it's a thick marc jacobs one), and all I have room left for is a half sized wallet and a cell phone. I usually end up holding my Sidekick in my hand if I use the E/W. Not very convenient but it's a gorgeous bag.:heart: