Information on the Cerise collection

  1. After seeing all the great pics on here from the cerise collection I really statrted to want something from it (why do I always do this once it's discontinued? :Push: )

    Anyway, Called LV customer Services (UK) and they told me that they need to have a license (I guess for the Murakami input) to sell this collection and that it has expired, so even if they had any piece's they could not sell them.

    I do not know how this effects everyone in other countries, but if your store has any Cerises left and your considering it I suggest you go and get as fast as you can
  2. Good to know! I was told that some US stores still have Cerises items!!!
  3. I saw a few post with people saying they managed to find items in US stores. It seems a little strange that it wouldn't expire worldwide, I may try and call again another day just in case to see if someone else gives me a different story.

    They seemed pretty sure though especially giving all that information rather than just saying it was discontinued.
  4. hmmm... never heard about this, but cerises in my country's all sold out...
    which collection ur eyeing on? speedy :graucho:
  5. I was able to get a Cerises Pochette at the Atlanta store a couple of weeks ago. I'm glad I got it when I could!
  6. I saw a girl the other day with the large flat one (sac d'plat??) it looked SOOOOO cute.

    I drive myself crazy, when it was in stores I had no problem getting hold of them, but at the time I didn't like it that much. Now I am really kicking myself.
  7. You all have me loving this line now....what to do but spend more money!
  8. oh yes, it's the sac plat... it's cute.
    maybe u can try on ebay? but just make sure u do all the research. sac plat is kinda harder to find. speedy & bucket is easier :P
  9. I'm pretty sure the SA in Atlanta told me they still had some Cerises Sac Plats last week. Might be worth a phone call: (404) 266-3674
  10. Yeah I've noticed a lot of people do this. They go on about how they hate a certain line because of the weird eyes or that it's creepy looking then someone gets a piece from that line and they change their mind.

    I really never liked the Sac Plat because the bag was too big to have all the huge cherries on it. The keepall I didn't mind, but the Sac Plat bothered me lol. But I'm sure you can still get ahold of that one..I remember that my store had one in the window for the longest time..I'm not sure which store they sent it to though because I know for sure it didn't sell. I liked (and got) the Speedy, Pochette and both keycases.
  11. Lvlady has a keepall. when I saw it. omg I fell in love w/ it. I don't even like the cerise line
  12. Label Addict, if you find anything more out keep me informed, I would love to purchase a cerise speedy!
  13. The Saks on michigan Avenue in Chicago had a sac plat a couple months back,