Information on MJ Seasons

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  1. I am wondering if anyone could help me with these questions so I have an idea on the different seasons.

    What are the differences between the Marc Jacobs/Marc by Marc Jacobs Resort Season and any other season like Spring/Summer & Fall/Winter?

    What months are the Resort Season?

    Also do you know which months most of the new Marc Jacobs/Marc by Marc Jacobs bags come out for each season?

    Thanks to anyone that can answer these questions for me.
  2. have you checked out our reference libraries? there's a lot of detailed info thread on the different styles and specific delivery dates for both the s/s and f/w seasons.

    resort comes out after f/w and before s/s, so at the end of the year typically around november. it's just a small collection of summery things for those who vacation in warm locales during the dreariest winter months.

    give or take a month or so, i'd say spring is january to may. f/w items start appearing as early as may through september. resort comes out maybe end of october through december.

  3. The Resort Collection (some designers call it the "Cruise Collection") refers to the winter season just after the holidays when a lot of people take trips to Resorts and/or cruises. That's why much of the Resort collection is more summery than winter-like. It's usually a much smaller collection that S/S or F/W

    the items are released late October/early November and are usually carried over and blended into the Spring/Summer Collections, which normally start showing up in stores in late January/early February

    the F/W collection usually starts appearing in stores during the month of June and continue to be delivered and released into September (sometimes there's a small "pre-fall" collection that will come out during the month of May)
  4. Thanks to the both of you for letting me know. It makes sense now.