Information on GST

  1. Don't shoot the newbie over here....I've been silently researching and am trying to decide between a couple bags (2 chanel and 1 LV)...I am interesting in a tote bag...and the GST seems to fit that bill.

    Can someone please tell me how much the GST currently is (after price increase) in black with gold hardware?

    The other big thing is how this looks on people.....I am about 5'5 and a US size I am curious to see what it looks like on ladies.... much can you generally cram into this beauty? I've compared the size to LV bags and this seems to be the same as a Batignolles Horizontal...and if so, that was a good size bag for me.

    Thanks for your help!!!!
  2. PMing you! nice to see you here!
  3. I have both bags and agree they can carry about the same amount of stuff..same size etc....I like the zipper compartment in the GST for my wallet etc..I 'll have time on Friday to post pix ..hopefully someone else can help you out before then.
    :sad:Sorry I don't know the current price
  4. I think the new price is something like $2,195 give or take a few dollars.........I got my last GST at pre-increase price (if you don't count all the other price increases all year!).
  5. twiggers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Good choice on the GST:tup:
    There's a buttload of pics in the reference library, including these but I'll post them for you here anyhow.
    I'm about 5'3" and a 6/8 for reference:
    DSCF1335.jpg DSCF1327.jpg
  6. sHoot the newbie!!! heheh...:boxing: hey twiggers... your've been lurking t:huh:!!! The GST is nice... a lot stiffer compared to Bals.. let us know what you get~! ;)
  7. I am 5'4 and wear an 8- not too big on me- I love it![​IMG]
    attachment-1.jpeg attachment-2.jpeg attachment.jpeg
  8. i am not trying to disuade you, but you should try the gst on. for me, after a short period it fell off my shoulder and to me that was the deal breaker. good luck!!
  9. Both of these bags are great. I think you can get more in the GST than the BH.

    The GST does have a zippered compartment, where as the BH does not.

    I do think the GST is stiffer than the BH. It does sort of mold to you later on with use.

    I think you could actually put a laptop in the GST, but not in the BH (unless it's the 12" size).
  10. oops
  11. I don't know what the secret is, but I have seen some post byGST owners who have a way to make it so it stays on the shoulder more.

    maybe one of you could post it here too.
  12. with any of my bags, I overlap one strap over the other to keep them from slipping:yes:
  13. love my GST!! and once I realized putting the strap over the other I was back in love with her!! GST!! ALL THE WAY!
  14. I just got a GST with SH and absolutely love it!!!! It is the perfect size tote and can accomodate quite a bit too. i love the zippered compartment too.
  15. Naomi, nice to see you here !!! :graucho:

    I just got my GST (black with silver h/w) before the price increase, and I absolutely loveeeeee. I thought it's kind of boxy at first, but when I tried's SUPER DUPER perfect. The leather is stiff, but not to structure (like Le Fab). I own both BH & GST, I think I lean toward GST.