Information on Collection & Quality of Leather

  1. I've read in a few threats where quality of the leather was mentioned. It appears that bags from the 06 collections had thin leather?! Could you experts please comment on the leather or where I could read more about it? Thanks!
  2. Can't give you the links, b/c I'm so technologically challenged that it'll take me the whole day just looking for the links. I bet though that if you search "leather quality" that you'll find a bunch of threads.
  3. True. Sometimes.

    BUT! My Rouge Vif Box from 06 has thee thickest leather (even better than the 07's), and I'll never get rid of her. But you're right, the majority of 06 leathers seemed as though they weren't as great as the 07's; except for few exceptions.

    Are you considering an 06 bag purchase?
  4. I'm wondering because I've 2 bags from the 2006 collections, spring and fall. 2 from 2005 fall and 2008 fall. The 2006 leather definitely feels thin but interestingly enough I think the leather looks and smells delicious compared to even the 2008 one.

    Does anyone feel that the 2008 bags are heavier because of the thick leather?
  5. 08 out already?
  6. 04 and 05 leather is thought to be among the best as it is soft, silky, & smooshy.
    06 leather was thought by many to be veiny, dry, and thin.
    But, there are always exceptions to the rule.