Information I Found Regarding F&F/Coach That's Not Available at Your Macy's

  1. Okay,
    I know there's like 18490184901 threads on F&Fs, but I'll risk posting another one if posting so will help someone get a bag they really want at a really good discount.

    So after calling 6 different stores and talking to various different people I think I finally have a few solid answers.

    1. The current open a new card discount is only 15%. On Friday, May 5th, they will bump it up to 20%.

    2. If you want an item that your store doesn't carry but Macy's does carry you can STILL have it with the F&F coupon discount AND the 20% new card discount by having the store place the order for you through their SHOP BY PHONE 800 number and there's no charge for shipping . In order to do this you will need the UPC code or at least the name/style of the bag.

    My concerns were waiting until Friday to open the card for the 20% off and the bags selling out so I'm going to make my list today and go in and put stuff on hold that they have in the store and then through that shop by phone.

    The lady kept telling me, "No, we can't do this." Then she finally put me on hold, talked to the store manager, came back and said, "Okay, I apparently need to refresh myself on the shipping and transfer policies." I'm glad I kept calling different places and held strong because I was going to give up on the idea of getting this discount. Because when I called all 6 stores they were telling me I'd have to pay for shipping for EACH bag I wanted to get that they didn't carry!
    at almost 21.95 shipping per bag that really adds up.
    Now I just hope it works when I actually go in to order the bags.

    I hope this may have helped someone who may be similarly situated. If not, sorry for making you read ladies =(
  2. thank you for the information!

    I really hope i can find the bag i want at a store rather than ordering it by phone because i hate having to pay for shipping, especially when it will be like $18!
  3. Persistence Pays!! :yes:
  4. no charge for shipping you say! hoooooooo boy!
  5. Thanks for the info. :smile:
  6. Thanks for the info!!!
  7. good investigating skills!i may have to hit up macys
  8. Thanks so much PyAri!! I had wondered about ordering items that my local Macy's doesn't have. This clears things up a bit. Thanks! :yes:
  9. Thanks Pyari - this was exactly the info I needed to know!
  10. wow!! such good info, thanks!
    is the bumping up of the new CC account to 20%off across the board, regardless of where you're at?

    I did a little homework today as well and went to macys where I 1) put a small carly demi and a white mini skinny on hold :wlae: and 2) was reminded repeatedly by the lady to not forget to bring my coupon. apparently last year the SAs could scan the coupon but now corporate has said its a violation of macys rules or soemthing like that. Also, they will not be giving coupons once the sale starts, so be sure to get it tomorrow!!

    oh and also, the extra 15-20% off from opening a CC is NOT deducted at the counter, but rather when you get your statement.
  11. You are so welcome ladies!
    I hope that it works for it and every one of you.
    It is very sad that the information we all receive seems to change from one SA to another.
    It should be the same for Macy's throughout.
  12. Went to our Macy's tonight and the SA said the new card discount is only 10%. I told her I'd heard it was 15% and maybe 20% on Friday. She asked someone else and no one seemed to know about it. Is the card discount amount a nationwide thing?
  13. Goes to 20 only for the 5-6.
    I'd hope it was throughout Macy's.
    Maybe ask the store manager?
    It really pisses me off how SA knowldge differs from one to the other.
  14. I know a couple of teh Macys I called it was 15% then one it was 20%.

    it's dumb that it differs.
  15. King of Prussia was giving 20% off today if you opened a charge.