Information for the H mods

  1. When you log on to tPF and enter the Hermes subforum...

    Where do you spend most of your time?

    What do you rarely spend time viewing?
  2. the most recent thread page. then, browse over to the reference threads.........
  3. In the main section and shopping sections. I really think it's organized quite nicely!

    Oh yes and the RAOK thread. Thank goodness it stays at top!
  4. ummm the Bolide thread! :yahoo:

    Usually the main section. And the RAOK thread and reference section.
  5. The main H section (after checking on LV forum first, of course! :graucho: ).
  6. Main thread, (bolide first also lol!); RAOK and shopping thread...
  7. Usually just the first 5 threads or so. Hardly ever visit the section at the top.
  8. Main section only; I usually forget that there are threads on the top for the Reference Library, shopping, etc. so I go there probably once every week or so.
  9. Main section first and I look for whatever I'm interested in first and then browse the rest. Then I take a look at the Reference threads. Then there are days I look at the Members Hermes Items thread from page 1 to the last page.
  10. Main section where I cherry pick the topics that interest me.

    Then, reference section

    Oh, where I rarely visit specifically, reference on scarves. Only because I get lost in there and I cannot understand! Completely mind blowing.
  11. The newest threads, then the shopping threads
  12. Newest threads, RAOK, eBay finds/inventory thread
  13. I start off on the main page and look for all the new threads, then I browse everying else. My Favorite's are the Ref pages and the shopping section. The one that I least visit is the Birkin list because we already know when someone has a new bag.
  14. i check the "hermes in action" thread first cause it's my FAVE!!! i love seeing everyone with their H items!! it's the best way to see what bags in what size and color looks like on various people. gives me ideas on future purchases......muhahaha i never cared for the evelyne before but now I WANT ONE thanks to all u beautiful ladies showcasing urs!!!
  15. Newest threads, then time to shop.

    Then off the the reference library to see member items and look up stuff that is on my mind.....

    BTW, I dont tend to subscribe to threads, I scroll through the first couple of pages of new threads to see what is new.

    Then back to threads, to see if shopmom bought anything since the first visit!!