Information about miscarriages

  1. I wanted to know if anyone has suffered from a miscarriage in early pregnancy or knows anything about it?

    I gathered some information on the internet on it, but I wanted to know if anyone could tell me, from personal experiences.

    I know this is quite a personal matter and I will understand if people are not willing to discuss this here. Please feel free to PM me.

    Thanks, I really appreciate it.
  2. Hi I Have Had Two Miscariages
  3. I Know Alot About It. You Can Pm Me Or Talk On Here. I Don't Know How Cause I Am New.
  4. I have had four first trimester losses. I will answer you questions here or in OM, which ever you prefer.
  5. Did You Ever Carry A Baby To Full Term
  6. Cause The Next Time I Get Pregnant I Am So Scared That I Will Lose It. But They Said That It Was Just Bad Luck.
  7. I've had 2 miscarriages. One at 8 weeks, and another at 10 weeks. They decided to do a test, when I became pregnant again, they did a test for anticardiolipin antibodies. It causes blood clots in the placenta (that's how the dr explained it to me) , so I had to take a baby aspirin every day. Some women have more severe cases, and have to take a stronger blood thinner.
  8. Where you asking me if I have ever carried a baby to full term? I have not yet, but remain hopeful that next time I will get to hold my baby in my arm. Generally, one m/c is not indicative of not being able to carry a baby to term. I am sure next time everything will be fine. I am sorry you wen through having one, it is so upsetting :hug
  9. No, I haven't.

    Thank you for your replies everyone. I wanted to know about it happening in the first trimester. How anyone felt during it, after it and if it happened again. And does re-occurence (if it does happen) need treatment to concieve later on?
  10. I had a miscarriage around 8 weeks because there wasn't a fetal heartbeat. I was devastated but time healed some of the pain. I tried again 5 months later and now I have a beautiful little girl. :heart:

  11. Congratulations! You baby is beautiful (from your avatar pic).

    I was 6 weeks in. Is it normal for it to feel exactly like a achey period?
  12. It usually feels like a very heavy period. A m/c does in no way mean you won't go on to have a perfectly healthy pregnancy. My m/c are due to a gyn condition I have, now my gyn had pinpointed the reason why, we hope to start trying again soon.

    I hooe you feel better soon.
  13. :yes: that's my baby Kaylee. She's the love of my life.

    I didn't have any achey sysmptoms but I was spotting for a few days and then realized I had a miscarriage when the doctor told me. My friend had a MC around 2 weeks and was pregnant a couple of weeks later. Now she has a gorgeous baby boy. I hope all goes well for you and don't give up hope.
  14. She really is gorgeous!

    Mine is like a heavy period. It's still going on. The doc says its normal, but I guess one can't help feeling...ugh, just not that great.
  15. I went through it just over a year ago. Basically I just started bleeding, and yes it was achey. I just *knew* something was wrong. I went to the hospital, I took a urine test, they told me I wasn't pregnant. I told them I definately was, so they took a blood test and confirmed that I was, and that yes I was having a miscarriage. My uhmm... what is that thing that hormone that will drop when you are no longer pregnant...I forget the name. Anyways, it had been at a certain number, and it just dropped completely, so that's how they could tell.

    I don't know what to say because getting a period or spotting can be completely normal. But if you are really worried you can get a blood test like I did, to determine.
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