Information about CHANEL sale for Canadians

  1. Hi all,

    I just received an "invitation" from my local Chanel (Calgary Holts) about the sale going on at Chanel next week. It starts December 26 and ends January 12, items starting at 30% off.

    Just thought I'd give you guys a heads up!
  2. I received mine too. 30% isn't that much though, is it?
  3. I didn't read carefully, but I thought it said starting at's not a ton but if jumbos went on sale (although they're not...) I'd save almost $800!
  4. thanks karman!
  5. Oh, good point. If you're buying something ridiculously expensive, then you will save a lot.

    I'm getting small things, so I won't see such a big savings. Although something is better than nothing, when it comes to Chanel.
  6. I've been getting tons of PM about this for some reason so I'm going to address this here:

    - unfortunately I do not know exactly what is going on sale
    - classics are definitely not included unless they're way outdated (at least a couple of years old) or are in seasonal colours. As one member said in her PM classics [in classic colours] are never included
    - things include RTW, shoes, and accessories, according to my invitation
    - considering the sale is from dec 26 to jan 12, it is most likely not by invite since it's a sale...and if a customer picks up something for sale, it's not like they can decide who gets to buy it or not, right?

    I am sorry if I did not reply to your PM, there are too many to reply to and I just thought I'd address the questions here. Hope they help anyway!
  7. Since I've seen pink PSTs go on sale before in the US, if I see the pink Medallion tote go on sale at Chanel, I'm SO getting it!!! I'll save around $700!