Information about cerises speedy.

  1. For those of you who have a cerises speedy, can you please help me? :P

    I heard that the red dustbag that comes with the cerises speedy is pretty small. May I know how big is the measurement and whether the speedy can be fitted in the dustbag without being folded?

    Also, if the speedy is made in France, is the dustbag also will be written made in France inside or it could be written made in spain, usa, etc?

    Thanks for the info..! It is much appreciated... :flowers:
  2. Yes...the dustbag is pretty small. I don't like to fold up my cerises speedy because I don't want to rub off any cherries, etc. So I actually store her in a much larger drawstring dustbag.
    I don't have a tape measure...but looking at mine right now I would say it is approx: 10" high x 13" wide when the top flap is folded over.
    My purse was made in France and the dustbag was Made in Spain.
  3. Oh, thanks a lot for the info..! Oh, I LOVE the red dustbag but really hate small dustbag that can't store the bag properly... :Push: I hate folding my bags. Yea, totally agree about the concern of cherries rubbing off not to mention the folded lines on the canvas. Oh, why can't LV just make the dustbag slightly bigger..? :s
  4. I hear ya!!!!! I usually store mine in the it's not that a big a deal for me....but I do love the red!!!!
  5. where stands where the dustbag is made??
  6. These bags are beautiful! I love the look of the cerises speedy, but would worry about cherries all of the time.
  7. They don't recommend you do that. It will dry out the bag.
  8. They are pretty durable!!! Trust me! I put no effort into taking care of my bags and they are being thrown around all the time. So far all of my bags have passed the "Irene test" incl. Cerises and MC!!!:lol:
  9. I store my Cerises and Graffiti speedies folded (I am running out of storage space!:wacko:) and so far so good!:yes: Don't worry!!!

  10. Really??? Oh wow...I had never heard that before. I put them in their dustbag and then in the box in my closet. Maybe I should take them out periodically (the ones I'm not wearing) and let them get some air.
    I share the closet with hubby....and so the boxes are just a really good way to store them right now.
  11. i'm actually trying to get a bigger Cerises dustbag, like the one for the Bucket or Sac Plat :lol:. right now i'm using the dustbag that came with my Damier Papillon 30, but i'd love my Cerises Speedy to have a red dustbag:girlsigh:
  12. Oh, how are you gonna get a bigger red dustbag for the cerises speedy? :graucho: Yea, a bigger one would be just perfect..! :yes:
  13. Thanks for the info, great to know that we have less to worry... :P But I actually don't have such a HUGE collection like yours (oh, how I love love love your collections..! :love: ), so I have plenty of space to store my bags... lol :P :sweatdrop: If you fold them, wouldn't you see the folded lines on the canvas when you want to use the bags? How do you "iron" those lines to make the canvas smooth? :confused1:
  14. beg, borrow or steal, i don't know :lol:.
  15. When I take it out of storage in the spring, I let it warm up by a window or outside. When canvas gets warm, it takes no time at all for the creases to smooth out. And THANK YOU SO MUCH for your kind words!!!:flowers: