Informal tPF MOCA meet

  1. A few of us tPF girls are planning on going to MOCA on Saturday morning. Anyone that would like to join us please PM me your email address so I can get you an Evite ASAP.
  2. Hope you have fun Betsy! I'd go again but I'm feeling lazy to go .. especially since I already got what I wanted from there. :p
  3. that sounds fun, wish I could go
  4. i'm so excited! see you gals there!
  5. I really really wish I could join you:crybaby:...
    Have fun:yahoo:...but please don't buy all the goodies:p
  6. Ok I must know, I saw a couple of TPFers (bejwl, pr1ncess and peace43), who else was there? :p
  7. i had no idea about this!!!!
  8. This was our group - Article3, MrPoshSpice, Princ355, Sweetneet, Kmrosko404 and BELJWL.

    After MOCA we had lunch and then a few of us went to Rodeo for some window shopping.

    We had a lot of fun.

    We are talking about doing a day trip to Vegas after the beginning of the year.
  9. Aw how fun!
    Your dog was adorable by the way. :heart:

    Hmm, Vegas, huh. I may make that meet. :graucho:
  10. Sammy "my dog" says thanks....

    At lunch we were talking about taking an early flight out and just come on the last flight. And of course you can stay over if you want.

    I will make sure to keep you informed.
  11. Omg... vegas!!! PARTYYYY!!
  12. I missed the meet AGAIN? :sad: Sounds like you guys had fun! I'd love to meet you lovely LA ladies soon!
  13. i went, but i arrived later than the meeting time...although i *think* i saw you lvbabydoll. were you carrying a miroir? ;) (too shy to say hi!) i loved the exhibit!!!
  14. beljwl, Sammy was so well behaved, you're really lucky to have him. :love:
    And thanks, that sounds fun.

    qee- Lol yup that was me, blinding people with that thing haha. Also, my new avatar is of me after I saw the exhibit. :yes:

  15. Thank you!!! Yes, I am very lucky to have such a well behaved dog. He has always been really mellow. He makes it so easy to take him everywhere with me. He goes with me to work everyday. He gets to the office and goes straight on his bed and people come in and out and he never moves or make and noise. If he spends 5 hours home alone a month that is a lot. I have a stroller I push him in most of the time. He loves being pushed around. I keep saying my next dog is going to be the dog from hell since he is so good. I can leave the room and leave a full plate of food where he can get it and he will not touch it.

    You can tell I do not have kids.... LOL

    It is all my DH's fault. He found him when he was a puppy and brought him home. I did not want a dog. That was 9 years ago