Infor on York Outlet stoer please

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  1. Sorry for spelling in the title!

    Hi ladies

    I'm travelling past York on Saturday and was thinking of popping into the outlet store. I've looked on a map and it seems to be in the middle of the city, does anyone know where the best place to park is? If it's going to be a nightmare getting in and out of the city centre I may have to give it a miss. :sad:
  2. Park and ride is your best bet - otherwise you will spend all day in traffic jams or riding around looking for a parking space. Park up for free , bus into York for about £3 return. Spend the day there if you get the chance - it's a beautiful place to visit , shops and restaurants a plenty - Betty's for afternoon tea -one of my favorite places to visit. Which direction are you coming from ? There are park and rides at both ends.
  3. Thanks for that Limitededition. I am just passing through so can't spend much time in the City unfortunately. I visited years ago and it is a beautiful place. I'd be coming down the A19 (I think it is, from Teeside).
  4. Hi
    Just stay on the A19 and follow the signs for park and ride for York - you can't go far wrong ! Enjoy your trip !
  5. I am very jealous, my two youngest were born in York and I have very found memories of my time there - and Betty's tea room
  6. I've been to Betty's in Harrogate, very nice! I have looked up the park and ride so I just hope I have time to visit the Milberry shop. I don't have anything specific to buy but no harm in looking :graucho:
  7. Tote Girl that sounds like fun - have a lovely day, and I hope you'll find time for the Mulberry shop. Remember, we'll be waiting for a full report :tup: