1. I was at the Gucci in Beverly Hills and I asked when the sale was and he said June 1. I also asked when the Gucci at the Beverly Center was opening and he said May 18th. He also told me that tomorrow a 10% increase was going to happen but I don't know if its just there or evrywhere, but maybe he just wanted me to buy a bag?
  2. I love the Bev Center.

    And I was told June 1st for sale and there is an increase coming for all stores.
  3. the increase is for all store....but nothing HUGE anywhere from 0 to 100... :smile:

    end of may is presale and june is the sale!! Jewlery will be excluded this year (last sale was the last time jewlery went on sale) mmmmmmmmmm and the straw bag, blue bag with gucci script and any other seasonal bag will most likely (dont kill me if im wrong) go on sale


    happy shopping!
  4. i despise price