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Mar 16, 1980
The purpose of this sub-forum is for our members to get exposure for their bags and fashion accessories listed for sale, be it in an auction listing, at a consignment store page, or any other online marketplace. We're hoping that this will drive qualified shoppers to your listings and increase the likelihood of a sale.

A few simple ground rules.
  1. The item must be listed at an online marketplace (like eBay), a link to each listed item must be provided. This is not a For Sale forum.
  2. You may post multiple items in each thread, the title should reflect the items linked within. Optionally, you can use your thread to share additional pictures and descriptions of the products.
  3. Only authentic products are permitted to be shared here. Limit your listings to bags and fashion accessories, only.
  4. You are welcome to bump your listing thread once daily.
  5. No resellers, please. This forum is intended as a resource for contributing TPF members and not merely for drive-by resellers.
  6. Have fun and happy selling!
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Not open for further replies.