1. ok so i just purchased a vert'deau giant hardware work from BALNY

    and the SA (KIM) told me that Balenciaga is actually discontinuing PURSE and Shopping style from their bags.

    i derno if you ladies know this yet so i just posted. lol

    anyways some other info i got was this

    the G hardware they have available at the store are this
    black, white, neutral, sea green, marine, vermillion, and french blue

    Shopping: ink, rouge from '05, emerald green, blueberry, black, rust, white, and i think she said cement?

    Purse: truffle, sage green, emerald

    ok thats
  2. thanks so much for the update! good to know.
  3. Thanks for the info.:yes: I didn't know that they are discontinuing the shopping style. I don't think they are as popular as the other styles.