Info: The Adventures of the Traveling Twilly version 2.0

  1. Ok everyone!! It is time to bring back the Twilly but a new Twilly and a new version, 2.0 that is :tup:

    Vlad and I have decided to purchase a new Twilly to send around the world to the lovely towns and houses of tPFers.


    You must have been a member for 5 months and have 500 posts.

    Please let me know that you want to participate by filling out this form. Email it to megs @ (no spaces)

    Title your email: The Adventures of the Traveling Twilly

    tPF Screen Name:



    Any time restrictions: (when you can can't host the Twilly)

    Any other info I need to know:

    Vlad and I will be picking out a new Twilly this week and will be the first to host!! Vlad doesn't know it yet, but he will host the Twilly by himself too. He needs to take Twilly on his typical days ;)

    We will add more info soon, but this is just the info thread! We will start a thread just for the Twilly journey once it gets going!

    Hope to have lots of you participating!!! :wlae:
  2. This will be a fun thread!
  3. O:huh:oo Can't wait!! How fun!
  4. I have a request, can we have a seperate sub-forum and seperate threads for each host? That would make surfing much easier and we wouldn't have to be scrolling through 300 pages in the future...!
  5. Oooo....good idea! CAN'T WAIT, MEGS!!!!
  6. Can't wait to read about the new adventures!
  7. ^me too!!
  8. Double post, Sorry!!!
  9. Not sure that is possible as it might get too complicated/cluttered. Let's let Vlad & Megs weigh in on this one!

    So excited to see the new adventures! I had a blast with Princess B and can't wait to take the Twilly out on the town for some more fun!:nuts:
  10. ^^^Gonna teach it pole dancing, huh?
  11. Yeah! I will be learning from the best I hear:roflmfao:
  12. ^^^Hmmm, better call the trannys and reserve a pole for us......
  13. jag/Megs, will the new Twilly be in time for the NYC meets? Wouldn't that be so cool? :wlae:
  14. Excellent question!!!! I don't know!
  15. well megs said they were starting with them so since the nyc meet is this week i would think it would not work out.