Info Please :)

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  1. Hi everyone, Ive seen these bags on eBay. I usually Buy LV and never bought MJ's own label before but I really :heart: this bag. I live about a 6 hour train ride from the nearest Marc Jacobs so I will have to get one from eBay. I posted an auction in the -authenticate this- thread and someone said that these retailed at something like $ this true :wtf:, can someone please give me some more info on this bag please. Thanks so much :heart:

    here is a pic from an eBay auction
  2. anyone :smile:
  3. This is from the Marc by Marc Jacobs line. they have quite a few cheap bags in their store. I got a tote for $12 and have seen messenger bags for $30. you should call up your closest MbyMJ store and inquire about the bag. the can ship to you, i believe it is a standard $20 fee.
  4. I just went to the MBMJ store today, they are sold out of this style, or no longer carrying it(LA store). The other canvas bags I saw were at most 99 dollars, mostly 78. I think this metallic bag would have been cheaper than those.
  5. thanks so much :flowers:
  6. I have that bag in black! It was part of the special items collection in the fall/winter06 and they are all sold out now. I got it at his Bleecker St store. I think it was in October