Info on Waitlist...

  1. Hey! Check this out,,,, called my SA on saturday to see if she could charge my Damier Azur Speedy 25 to my card to avoid the price increase since I was on the waitlist...

    She told me that since I was waitlisted (she was sending me a holiday card -- don't know what that is); and that I won't have to pay the price increase if the speedy arrives after the increase... I had this question on-going,,,not sure if it's same for everyone, but sounds like if you're waitlisted, you're cleared from price increase..

    At least I know I am in this case... was wondering if it was the same for everyone???:s
  2. I think it depends on the item. I have gotten regular items the day after a price increase, where the gave me the old price and SA said they will do that as a courtesy a lot of times in the first few days....but I think items that change before they come out, no discount.
  3. same here. I'm on the waitlist for the azur speedy since december and a few days ago i was wondering about the same thing.
  4. Thanks twink. I got my Lodge at the price before the increase last summer because I asked SA if he could do it, and he did! wow. Now, the price of the Lodge has gone up like 3 times...since then.
  5. Yep. Glamourette. It doesn't hurt to make the call to know for sure... do it...sweetie.
  6. Oh, for the Lodge I ordered it the day OF the price increase summer 06, and he checked with his manager and gave it to me price b4 increase. it was good:yes: that was Albert in Scottsdale...
  7. That's exactly what happened to me...I didn't even know there was an increase (before I found tPF) and the SA said, you know we just had an increase yesterday, let me see if I can do these (I bought a bunch) at the old price, she checked with the mananger and they did! I was so excited, saved me about $400!!!
  8. Cool! Hey I know Albert in Scottsdale! He looks like a model.
  9. Seriously??? That's not at all what I imagined... I've only talked to him on the phone. he was very very nice....:heart:
  10. Thanks for the info, Veronika! btw... I :heart: Louie! He is so adorable!!!
  11. I've done something similar. If I know I want something, I don't bother with the "waitlist". Instead, I call and tell the SA what I am looking for. If they don't have it, they'll charge my credit card once it arrives. When it comes in, I'll go to the store to pick it up or have it sent to me.

    I'd rather have them charge my card as soon as the bag/accessory arrives than be put on the waitlist. Remember, paying customers get the best service. So if you know you want something, give the SA your credit card info. This is especially helpful for those of you who are not typically on waitlists or make many purchases from a particular store.