Info on upcoming MJ bags!!!

  1. Received the following info from In addition to free S&H (no tax if you don't live in their state), there's a promotion code for 15% off running now until June 1st (BIRTHDAY). According to the e-mail, some of the bags are available starting 5/25!

    Marc Jacobs on their way to

    We’ll be seeing some brand new silhouettes in the beloved MJ soft calf classics collection: the “amy” hobo, the “sporty tote” and the “flap satchel”. These bags will be combining updated zippers and buckles with the classic push-lock closures we all love which define this collection. The first round of colors will be black, linen, whisky and chartreuse. Later in the summer we’ll see graphite, amethyst and emerald.

    The gorgeous new “amy” hobo will be available at shoptwigs in black and whiskey; the “bleecker” in whiskey; the “sporty tote” in whiskey; and the “flap satchel” in black and whiskey. First round of deliveries will be between 5/25-7/5.

    The second round of deliveries will be later, falling sometime between 6/15-8/15. We’ll be getting the “amy”, the “sporty tote” and the “bleecker” in graphite.

    The quilted frame collection (including the ever-coveted “stam”) will be offered in black, mouse and chestnut and will feature a couple of new silhouettes as well. Shoptwigs will be carrying the little stam in black (12.5”x8.5”x3.5”) and a brand new hobo we’re in love with called the “stam hobo” in black, mouse and chestnut. An updated stam cousin, this bag is going to be one of the hottest bags of the season! It will be available between 5/25-7/5.

    Another collection of quilted leather will be available later in the summer. Shoptwigs will be emphasizing the super-popular “banana” hobo. It will be available in black, cashew, mouse and whiskey. Also, we’ll be carrying the classic north/south tote – the ultimate working-girl bag!!!

  2. Thanks for the info...I just checked their site and there isn't that many MJ bags...but I know definitely to keep on checking for the stams.
  3. I asked their customer service about their schedule for site-update.
    Their e-mail response:

    "Our goal is always to get items on-line within 24 hours of shoptwigs
    receiving them. The site is being updated all the time. Thanks for your
    interest and questions."

    We'll have to check back often. Based on previous experiences with shoptwigs, MJ bags are sometimes priced $100 less than retail.
    With the 15% discount, free S&H, and no tax, I'm really tempted. If the items are up before June 1st, I'm in for something (little Stam).
  4. ^^^^Sounds very appealing. I definately want a regular stam, but am debating because I do love the slouchy leather, but the recent ones seem stiffer. Getting exciting just thinking about the possibility.