info on this tote?

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  1. I've debated over the medallion tote forever and keep hesitating because I don't love the big CC logo. I found this tote and was wondering if anyone has it? Also, even if you don't I'd love you thoughts on it.....
    chanel tote chanelandmore.jpg
  2. It looks like a vintage style. I think it's very classy and understated. Be sure to have the seller provide detailed pictures and have it authenticated in the authenticate this chanel thread prior to purchase.
  3. I love my medallion tote l have it in pink and I turn it around as to not see the big cc's.
  4. It looks much larger and roomier than the medallion, but it also looks more unstructured... I would think after some time, it will become much more softer. I kind of like the medallion more, but I think the bag is growing on me... you could tote it around everywhere!
  5. If you know of any tpfr's who have this bag please let me know. I'm curious to see if it gets really slouchy over time....
  6. sorry.. I'm new to tpf... and the Chanel forum.... I don't know if I've seen any others on here. I was just going by the picture. The bottom looks like it's slouching. It also looks like lambskin. I do however know that lambskin will lose the nice puffiness of each quilted square over time, especially if used often. If you are looking for a tote with a discreet double C, there are some other options... although I'm not sure of the names.. I think one is called the shopper... it's very plain, rectangular, basic tote with double c at top like in your picture... I'm not much of a help... sorry!
  7. I have a very old bag that reminds me of the one you are asking about. Mine is from the late '80/early '90s and it also tends to slouch a bit at the bottom, but I don't care, the leather was really fabulous. Chanel does not make bags like this, or the one in your picture. Unfortunately.

    All I know is, I dearly wish Chanel would make more bags like these old ones!!

  8. Chanel does not make bags like this, or the one in your picture. Unfortunately.

    All I know is, I dearly wish Chanel would make more bags like these old ones!!


    Do you find that the bags are better quality or do you prefer the styles more?
  9. It's gorgeous!
  10. I had this bag with shw until a few months ago. Mine was 10-12 years old. It's best to store it flat to prevent the creasing while sitting. Otherwise, it's a beautiful classic style bag!
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    SUEC.............I Love the Tote, and since you mentioned you don't like the large CC's..........this would be perfect! Do we know if it's authentic?
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    I think it's gorgey! Snatch it up qwik if u found it for sale! Totally Classic Chanel!
  13. I like it a lot, but it looks like it will slouch a lot around the bottom over time.
  14. imkirsti: I'm wondering why you sold it. My main concern is it getting too slouchy over time which a couple have mentioned looks like could happen. Also wondering if you wore it on your shoulder. The seller says it's a shoulder carry but the handles look shorter than the medallion.
  15. the tote is gorgeous! i like how understated it is!