Info on this purse

  1. I'm not going to be any help as far as info is concerned but the strap is SO CUTE .... love the hardware!!! haha

    I'm not much on flap bags, but I like this one.
  2. looks like soho to me...maybe braided leather hobo or something..
  3. It is some type of soho signature braided shoulder flap
  4. I had that bag. I purchased in Spring of 06 on clearance at Dillards for $167. It would have been around $248 if I remember correctly.

    Good luck!!!
  5. The way the front is...With the buckling strap and it looking like it may have two pockets under that flap. One on either side of the fastening strap. It sort of reminds me of my Chelsea Field Bag...Just from the front...Not the rest of it...Since I see braiding...I would think that would be in the description...Sorry no real help...But again...From the front it reminds me of my Chelsea Field bag.

    Here's a link to pictures of my bag...(I don't have any taken of that particular bag)

    But you can see the picture with the flap open how the pockets are. Thus...The bag in question reminds me a little of a field bag...
  6. its a soho braided pocket flap-not sure when it came out...its cute!
  7. That type of buckle is the main distinguishing characteristic of the soho line so whenever you see that buckle then that is what line it is from. Even the little keyfob picture frames that have that buckle are from the soho line. I think it is called the soho braided small flap in signature
  8. Definitely Soho! My Soho Hobo had the same strap!!!! Really cute!!!