info on this big bad bag by Marc from marc jacobs?

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  1. how much is it? and where can i find this? :P
  2. Shopbop... That is the Shopbop model- I believe I spoke about this bag. Is it not thee anymore?
  3. The insanely-big-I'm-not-stealing-anything-dont-give-me-that-look bag!

    joking. but I know there's a thread or two in the forum about it, I cant figure out what keywords to search though. I'll try to find it for you!
  4. i thought i even saw that on Zappos a few weeks ago.. it might not be there anymore...
  5. thank youuuuu girls :yes:
  6. wow, this bag is huge! i think i could fit in it... with another bag! :P
  7. I think I saw this bag on eluxury yesterday...