info on this bag??

  1. can anyone tell me what the name of this bag and price? Also if it's available in black. please help, i love this bag
  2. I don't think those are out yet. I think they are part of the s/s 07 collections coming out soon. I love that bag but don't know the name of it.
  3. sure is cute ....
    I'll look in the Lookbook when I go back
  4. It is available in black. Not sure of name/price. I saw it at a trunk show and it's quite nice.
  5. I like that ... I wish it came in RED :biggrin:
  6. That is a pretty bag. The black would look really nice too.
  7. It's called the expandable flap. From what I remember, it does come in black.
  8. It's the expandable flap from the Spring/Summer 07 Act I collection and it costs $2395. The style number is A34329 Y01969. The colors that I know it comes in are black, white and biege. There may be other colors, too. THIS is the bag that I am waiting for! It is supposed to be a hot seller so if you want it, get it NOW!
  9. ^Does this bag have the shoulder protector at the top of the strap?
  10. Fabulous bag, I love it! And, if it were offered in a denim-y blue, I'd be totally overwhelmed by wishful cravings :heart:
  11. this bag looks hot!
  12. thanks for all the info. love this bag, can't sleep thinking of this bag. Boy, I need help:yes:
  13. there is a larger version of this bag. I think someone posted an image of it; it was a dk. blue, navy-like, so I am assuming that this smaller version also comes in the Dk. blue color. If you want this bag, I would recommend putting yourself on a waiting list for it, especially if a store hasn't had its trunk show yet (you would be number1:yes:), because the SA at the Neimans near me said that this bag was very high in demand