Info on this bag...

  1. [​IMG]
    Does anyone happen to know the dimensions of this style bag?
    Thanks in advance!
  2. Bluefly has one and its measurements list as
    • 8½'' at widest x 4¼'' tall at center x 3'' deep

    I don't know the name but I have seen them on Bluefly, eBay and BV outlets (in bright colors). Saks had a white one not to long ago.
  3. Ah cute- thanks bunches.
  4. Is this the clutch? I think I have it...
  5. Here is mine:
  6. This bag is adorable, I love it! =)
  7. I have one too. It has a unique opening--sort of a tension frame that pulls open with the 2 leather tabs. The strap can be snapped onto one side for a clutch look.
  8. I just tried one on at Nordies the other week. It's a cutie. I don't think all Bottegas have actual "names".
  9. I love it! Great clutch